Jul 25, 2013

This is Love

The world now looks to Will and Kate to find love within the sometimes stodgy monarchy, but it's Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip who set the precedent.

With a look of love so genuine throughout the ages, it's impossible not to look at the long-ruling monarch in a different light. Queen Elizabeth may put on a stern face in public, but it's clear she is still just in love with her husband now as she was as a young woman.

Here's to hoping we are fortunate to have this love for 66+ years.

Jul 24, 2013

George's Mum: Priceless

Reason #34249 why I love my job: this ad. 

George's Mum: Priceless

Congratulations, Will and Kate!

Prince George

His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge has arrived. 

The waiting game is finally over and the world has its new prince. On July 22, Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their son, George Alexander Louis. The 8lb 6 oz heaping bundle of joy is third to the throne, prompting one too many Lion King references.  

The new family's picture perfect reveal on Tuesday was one for the books. We always remember where we are for momentous occasions and the new prince's debut is no exception. From Will and Kate's coordinating blue (Kate's polka dot dress being an ode to Diana) to their cheeks-hurt-they're-smiling-so-wide grins to the perfect little swaddled prince, I dare you to find a woman whose eyes, heart and womb didn't quiver. 

Move over, Clooney. There's a new George in my life. 

May 2, 2013

This is Beyond

The Reese Witherspoon arrest footage we've all been waiting for is finally here - and it is beyond. America's so-called sweetheart showed a new side of herself while being arrested. It's almost too Elle Woods pre-Harvard for me. My favourite part is when Jim Toth (aka Mr. Reese Witherspoon) denies any involvement in her behaviour. How supportive!

What do you think - can Reese survive these videos with her reputation intact? 

Apr 28, 2013

Kate Speaks. The World Listens.

The Duchess of Cambridge speaks! Kate Middleton's first broadcast message in support of Together for Short Lives charity hit the airwaves in the UK - and YouTube globally. I'm all for the message, and for Kate's public voice, but I must say her hair and clothing weren't up to par. The collared dress is a bit too schoolgirl while her infamous hair is fairly limp. A miss for Kate? I'm in shock too. 

Royal Magic

I really need some clarification over whether Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry would be considered muggles. I somehow doubt the royal trio got any clarification on this while visiting the new Making of Harry Potter studio tour. Sure, they received all the attention, but can they make some levitate and fight off mystical creatures? Doubtful.  

Just look at Kate here. It's like she's trying so hard to channel her magical powers with this faux-Harry Potter wand.  Too bad the royal baby couldn't lend a helping hand here. 

Apr 23, 2013

Girls Dance Parties

No party is more fun than a Hannah Horvath dance party.

No, really. I want an invite. 

Getting Old - And Girls

Sometimes I forget I'm not in my early 20s anymore. I still like to think I have the energy of a teenager (nope!), can drink others under the table (also, nope!) and can lose 5 lbs without putting in too much effort (definitely, nope!). Truth is, 26 kinda sucks. It's that not-so-magical age that reminds you that your youth is behind you.

This is probably why I like watching Girls so much. For all of the reasons I think 26 kind of blows, Hannah, Marni, Jessa and Shoshanna remind me that my life is actually pretty great. I haven't injured my eardrums with Q-tips, I haven't slept with short and crazy artists, I haven't accidentally done crack and I don't travel the world to avoid my problems. I'm feeling pretty good right about now.

And then - I remember this article. Sure, it reminds me that my early 20s are behind me, but it's so on-point it's comical. Even if you're young, read this and prepare for the inevitable. But, remember, it's not all bad!

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