Dec 28, 2009

Music Monday: 2009 Mash-Up

This Is It

The official music video for the late great King of Pop's music video is here.

The Spike Lee directed video for Michael Jackson's This Is It is a montage of the star's hometown of Gary, Indiana, as well as footage of Michael throughout the years.

Dec 27, 2009


Twitter, the revolutionary micro-blogging site, has seen a surge in celebrity sponsored tweets.

The site has strayed from the traditional form of advertisements seen on other social networking sites, like Facebook. However, due to market demands, they have found a sly way to please sponsors. Sponsored tweets is a system that allows advertisers and tweeters to mutually select one another. Anyone can sign up for the service.

For more exclusive sponsor opportunities, companies are turning to celebrities. Kim Kardashian allegedly gets paid some cold hard cash to mention advertisers and their products to her 2 million Twitter followers. Advertising company have used her Twitter, along with Lauren Conrad and Dr. Drew's. Some of Kardashian's most common sponsored tweets are for Reebok EasyTone and Carl Jr, both of which she represents in ad and television campaigns. Kim sure knows how to show her family the money.

Dec 26, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

Not all celebrities were able to have themselves a very merry Christmas this year. While Brad and Angelina went the charitable route and Canadian cutie Justin Bieber sang for the president of the United States, Charlie Sheen found himself in jail.

While current wife Brooke Mueller believed that the notorious bad boy had finally reformed, us A Listers were waiting for another one of Sheen's antics. The father of five (including 9-month old twins, Max and Bob) was arrested early Christmas morning in Aspen, Colorado for allegedly choking his wife. Sheen was booked for second-degree assault, menacing and criminal mischief. Ridiculous, right?

It gets better. Mueller was drunk when she called the police. A breathalyzer test reveals the new mom registered at .14, over twice the legal limit.  Oh, and the call was made at 8:34 am. Classy, right?

Sheen's rep issued the following statement. "Do not be mislead by appearance. Appearance and reality can be as different as night and day. It would benefit everyone not to jump to any conclusion." Guess a publicist has finally refrained from spinning the truth.

It must have been a very merry Christmas for Sheen's ex-wife, Denise Richards. The Playboy model, and mother of two of his children, Sam and Lola, took to her Twitter page to express her joy. Richards' tweeted, "Santa really delivered this year..Thank you."

UPDATE: Radar is reporting that Sheen and Mueller are divorcing. After the incident, the actor's reps moved into damage control mode. Sources told Radar that Team Sheen pressured Mueller to recant her statement of abuse. She obviously listened, but is it because it will get her out of her prenup and into a big settlement. Keeping her mouth shut for some cold hard cash? What a great example for her sons!

UPDATE: Numerous news outlets are reporting that Sheen pulled a knife on Mueller. During the domestic dispute, the actor is said to have threatened his much better half with a knife in the living room of her rented Aspen home. Wonder if this has to do with their reported trial separation...

Dec 20, 2009

Welcome to Miami!

I'll be partying in the city where the heat is on (I hope!), all night on the beach till the break of dawn.

Tomorrow I depart for Miami, and my fingers are crossed for some prime tanning weather. The Sunshine State has recently fallen victim to a nationwide cold spell, not to mention torrential downpours, and obviously was not alerted to pending arrival. This blogger needs her sun and needs it now. Here's to hoping the sun is shining and my skin is bronzing this break.

Have an amazing, safe and healthy holiday and New Year's A-Listers.

See you in 2010!

Gone Too Soon, 2009

Natasha Richardson
The Tony-Award winning actress died on March 19 following a ski accident at Mont Tremblant in Montreal, Canada. As a member of one of Britain's great acting families, Richardson, 45, was the daughter of  legendary actress Vanessa Redgrave and Oscar-winning director Tony Richardson, sister of Nip/Tuck actress Joely Richardson, and granddaughter of actress Rachel Kempson. Richardson was married to actor Liam Neeson and left behind two sons, Michael, 13, and Daniel, 12.

Farrah Fawcett
America's favorite angel died on June 25 following a battle with anal cancer. She was 62. The Charlie's Angels actress shot to stardom with her legendary pin-up poster, which sold a still-record breaking 12 million copies. Fawcett left behind her on-and-off partner, Ryan O'Neal, and their son, Redmond. Farrah used her celebrity status to publicly support and document her journey with cancer, co-producing the documentary Farrah's Story

Michael Jackson
The King of Pop died at his Holmby Hills, CA home on June 25 after suffering a cardiac arrest. He was 50. Jackson rose to fame as the lead singer in his family's boy band, Jackson 5. He followed his tumultuous childhood with an adult life plagued by rumors of false marriages (Lisa Marie Pressley, Debbie Row), child molestation and plastic surgery. The state of California held a funeral for the fallen king, with costs estimated at $2.5 million. Jackson left behind three children, Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Blanket, 7.

Celebrity spinner DJ AM  died on August 29 of an accidental overdose in his NYC apartment. The 36-year-old, real name Adam Goldstein, was clean for six years before relapsing. Family and friends blame AM's return to drugs on the plane crash he survived in 2008. He was in the midst of producing Gone Too Far, a new MTV show centered on addiction. The former finance of Nicole Richie was said to have been depressed over the plane crash and breakup with his girlfriend, Hayley Wood. DJ AM's last eery tweet read, "New York, New York. Big city of dreams, but everything in New York ain't always what it seems."

Patrick Swayze 
The Dirty Dancing star lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on September 14. He was 57. The romantic leading man, gifted dancer and loving husband to Lisa was a "warrior" in his cancer fight. Swayze continued working on his A&E series The Beast as he underwent chemotherapy and never lost hope. His memory lives on in Hollywood, as Dancing With the Stars and The View payed tribute to the late star. 

Stephen Gately
The Irish singer from boy band Boyzone died on October 11 while on vacation with his partner in Spain. He was 33. Gately made headlines when he came out as gay a decade ago. Although the death was deemed suspicious at first, investigators confirmed that no foul play was involved. The tragic accident shook the hearts of girls and boys worldwide.

Brittany Murphy
The Cluless actress died on December 20 of a heart attack in her Los Angeles home. She was 32. The star shot to fame as ditzy Tai in Clueless, and made headlines with her roles in 8 Mile, Girl, Interrupted, Don't Say a Word and Just Married. The star was found in full cardiac arrest by her mother and her husband called 911. Attempts at reviving the star were unsuccessful. Murphy's death was predicted by gossip blogger Perez Hilton last month. 

RIP Brittany Murphy

Actress Brittany Murphy died this morning after suffering a heart attack. She was 32. Reports say that a 911 call was placed at 8 am from a home in Los Angeles belonging to her husband, Simon Monjack. Murphy was in full cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre. Murphy's mother was said to have found her unconscious in the shower. 

The actress found fame playing Tai, the ditzy new girl, in the '90s cult classic Clueless. Murphy went on to enjoy leading roles in films like 8 Mile, Don't Say a Word, Just Married and Little Black Book. She recently made headlines for being fired off the set of her latest film. 

Since marrying Monjack in 2007, the actress has been plagued by rumors of drug abuse. Monjack is said to have stalled her once burgeoning career, leading bloggers like Perez Hilton to label him as controlling. Reports say that he is now strongly opposed to Cedars-Sinai performing an autopsy on his deceased wife. What is he trying to hide?

Hollywood has been buzzing about Murphy's untimely passing. Twitter has been flooded with messages about the deceased, even creating a trending topic in her honor. 

Ex-boyfriend and Just Married co-star Ashton Kutcher tweeted, "2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany's family, her husband, & her amazing mother Sharon."

Jessica Simpson tweeted, "Brittany Murphy was an incredible ray of Light to so many people. Her smile was contagious. My prayers are with her family and loved ones."

Lindsay Lohan also took to Twitter to express her condolences. "My deepest condolences go out to all of Brittany Murphy's loved ones&may she rest in peace...She was a great talent w/a beautiful soul xo." Perez Hilton used his blog and Twitter to warn Lohan that if she is not careful, she end up like Murphy. 

Here's to hoping that 2010 fares better for Hollywood's young stars. RIP Brittany

Dec 16, 2009

Babies of the Year

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck
Famous Parents: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
Sibling: Violet Anne Affleck
Birthday: January 6, 2009
Fun Fact: Seraphina comes from the Hebrew word seraphim, meaning fiery ones; a title given to the highest ranking angels of God.

Naleigh Kelley
Famous Parents: Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl
Given Name: Nancy Leigh Kelley
Birthday: November 23, 2008
Fun Fact: The special needs baby from South Korea is said to have warmed Heigl's icy heart. Naleigh's unique name is a combination of Heigl's mom's name, Nancy, and her sister's name, Leigh.

Sparrow James Midnight Madden
Famous Parents: Joel Madden and Nicole Richie
Sibling: Harlow Winter Kate Madden
Birthday: September 9, 2009 (09/09/09 - what a rock star!)
Fun Fact: Little Sparrow's unusual moniker was explained on his Dad's Twitter page. Joel Madden tweeted "A song for the little songbird" and linked the video "Sparrow" by Simon & Garfunkel.

Helena Grace Rutherford Giersch 
Famous Parents: Daniel Giersch and Kelly Rutherford
Sibling: Hermes Conrad Giersch
Birthday: June 8, 2009
Fun Fact: Little Helena must have suffered severe anxiety on her Gossip Girl mommy's womb. The star and her German husband underwent a major custody and divorce battle throughout Rutherford's pregnancy. Giersch was denied entry into the birthing suite. Ouch!

The Ultimate Casting Call

Award-winning director Jerry Bruckheimer has turned to Facebook to find actors for his films. The legendary director used the popular social networking site to cast one of the free-running stars for his new movie, The Prince of Persia.

"We brought in the key experts out of France to work with us on the movie," said Bruckheimer. "In the opening there's a young man who portrays Jake Gyllenhaal as a young boy, and he was a Parkour expert. And he's ten years old. It's amazing. Absolutely amazing. They sent us online, like Facebook, things of these kids and this kid was extraordinary so we hired him."

Look out for acting reels on Facebook pages near you.

It's Almost Here!

Never fear, season nine of Beverly Hills 90210 is (almost) here!

I hope you all have February 2, 2010 circled on your calendars, as it is the release date of the ultimate '90s teen drama. For a mere $44.99, you can be the proud owner of the second last season. Highlights include the return of Dylan McKay (Luke Perry), the departure of Brandon Walsh and Valerie Malone (finally!) and the emergence of Brian Austin Green's future baby mama, Vanessa Marcil.

Don't forget to pre-order your copy today!

First Tiger, Now Puma

Tiger Woods may be losing his sponsors, but his wife Elin Nordegren is "very close" to signing a deal of her own. The scorned Swedish stunner has been hammering out her very own endorsement deal with Puma.

Puma, an athletic wear company, is the archenemy of Nike, the only company to publicly stand by Tiger after his infidelity was made public. An official from Puma has confirmed that they are in "internal discussions" to sign Elin as a spokesperson for a new Swedish-inspired clothing line, Tretorn.

What a great publicity stunt. A Puma rep said the company feels Elin is "a good brand fit."Reading between the lines, Puma needs to increase their sales and enhance their brand, so they are signing the the most talked about women in the sports world. Using Elin as a spokesperson will also increase Puma's recognition among housewives and the female crowd. The fact that Elin plans to split from her famous philandering husband only helps the case. Hello female empowerment!

I'm sure Elin's animal fixation will work out a lot better with Puma than it did with Tiger.

Dec 14, 2009

Music Monday: Looking Forward To The New Year

By: Ari Zelunka

Humber’s own blogebrity, Ms A-list had the pleasure of living with me a few years ago. For 8 months, I blasted music into the house and allowed her witness my obsessive music habits. While our music tastes didn’t and don’t always click, I’m honored she trusts me enough to desecrate her blog with my presence. For ‘Music Monday’ this week, I present you with a list of the five most anticipated artists I expect to emerge in 2010. In no particular order:

Ellie Goulding
Many artist have emerged in the post Lily Allen UK pop spectrum over the past few years (Little Boots, La Roux, VV Brown) that seem to enter with a bang and phase out a few months and few remixes later. Ellie Goulding has produced some great electro pop tunes this past year that might secure her some lasting power when her album drops next year.

The Drums
Drudging through snow for the next few months doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce back to the days of summer. This band has a knack for creating warm and fuzzy, beach pop records to hold us over until the thaw.

Hometown hero, the boy you love to envy, Drake/Drizzy/Aubrey Graham/Jimmy has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, has flirted the tabloid with rumors of romantic involvement with Rihanna, and has lined up 2 Grammy nods without a full album to his name. "When [his] album drops, bitches'll buy it for the picture/ And niggas'll buy it, too, and claim they got it for they sister."

Toro Y Moi
South Carolina native who's been riding the chill-wave craze. His music is filled with glitchy samples and soothing vocals that are infectious and distinctly one of a kind.

Sleigh Bells
It’s generally the songs that make us go WTF, that are the ones we find ourselves humming days later. Recently highlighted on Time Magazines best of 2009 list, the Brooklyn duo have created the most abrasive song of the year. Sounding like metal on metal, they’ve crafted a serious dance floor thumper with “Crown on the Ground” and one of my personal favourites, the R&B flavoured “Ring, Ring”.

Ask Ashley...

The year's most infamous political mistress is headlining her very own Carrie Bradshaw type column.

Ashley Dupre, the scorned lover of former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, is the newest addition to the New York Post payroll. Dupre will be sharing her knowledge in "Ask Ashley", a sex, love and relationship column. The questions answered in her inagural column regarded cheating husbands and wayward daughters. How appropriate!

2009: The Love Sick, Heart Break Edition

2009 was a year of dramatic break ups for the A list crowd.

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson
Simpson's dreams of an engagement ring were crushed on the eve of her 29th birthday bash when boyfriend Romo publicly dumped the singer/actress/hair extension designer. Perhpas the Dallas Cowboys quarterback broke off the nearly two-year relationship to avoid being the Ken to Jessica's Barbie?

Rihanna and Chris Brown
Hip hop's hottest duo spent Grammy night fending off questions about a brutal attack. Chris Brown surrendered to police for the physical assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna. The pair briefly reconciled, but Rihanna soon came to her senses and has since been linked to Degrassi star cum rapper Aubrey "Drake" Graham and 90210's Tristan Wilde. As for Brown? He was sentanced to community service and a string of public apologies.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson
After switching teams, tabloid fixture Lindsay Lohan had her heart broken by Samantha Ronson. Affectionately known as saMAN in the blogosphere, the DJ and the wacktress have had their fair share of public battles. Lohan's manic behavior was cited as the cause of their troubles, but the couple were recently seen hanging out again in LA. Will Lohan's provocative new menage-trois themed cover spread turn saMAN off?

Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin 
Whoring out your family on national television does not do a marriage good. Jon and Kate, the most famous parents of eight, found themselves to be tabloid fixtures. He was spotted out with other women and she was accused of cheating with her bodyguard. With an empire built on family values threatened by this year's events, the future of the Gosselin family is unclear. All we can do now is hope that Kate's reliance on God helps Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Colin, Leah and Joel through the messy split.

Dec 12, 2009

Time to Watch

♫♫All I want for Chanukah/My Birthday is this Michael Kors White Midsized Chronograph Watch♫♫

UPDATE: I was warned to NOT buy this watch. To mark the words of the sales people at Michael Kors, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus, "you may as well throw away your money." As stunning as it is, the watch is defective as it turns yellow after being worn and is impossible to clean. If you are still as into the latest chunky watch trend as I am, check out my recent purchase. Just thought I would warn you... 

Dec 9, 2009

Simple Life to Sitcom Life

Socialite Nicole Richie has traded in the Simple Life for scripted television.

The 28 year old wild child turned nurturing mother is developing an ABC sitcom in which she will both star and produce. Variety says the concept was Richie's idea, and the show will use a single camera.

Just like her debut novel The Truth About Diamonds, the show will be based on Richie's life. The story will revolve around a young, modern and professional woman who must balance her business and family relationships. The girlfriend of Joel Madden and mother of adorable Harlow Winter Kate and Sparrow James Midnight says she will use what she sees in her real life to create the show.

Thankfully, Richie is not abandoning her design aspirations. The busy mom is still creating luxe boho pieces for her jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960. While I already own the bold black leather sunburst ring, I am wishing that this holiday/birthday season brings me some new pieces.

At the top of my wish list? The large peacock necklace and the long key necklace.

I can't end this post without pointing out the cuteness that is Harlow and Sparrow. Honestly, could her children be any sweeter? I die for Harlow's camera faces. Just like her mother, this 2 year old is already a media darling.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

The cliffhangers on fall finales are a TV lovers dream. Producers know that before the hiatus kicks in, they need to leave their viewers wanting more. The desperation in these final episodes is palpable.

Last weekend's Desperate Housewives, Boom Crunch, did not disappoint. After six drama filled seasons, producer Marc Cherry knew that he needed a strong cliffhanger to keep his viewers coming back for more in the new year. And, just like last year when he axed Nicolette Sheridan's Edie, Cherry went with death.

Although he originally insisted he was not killing off any characters in the fall finale, Cherry decided to kill several, including a fan favorite. In a move that was an obvious marketing ploy for ABC, Cherry had his characters killed by way of an Oceanic plane.

For all you non-LOST fans (and trust me, all A Listers should be fans), Oceanic is the airline responsible for crashing onto the island. Oceanic itself is a character in the show, and following last year's successful Desperate Housewives-LOST commercial on ABC, marketing execs must have figured to keep the relationship hot.

Despite the over-the-top Christmas party, it was a less than festive holiday on Wisteria Lane. Amidst each housewife's own drama, the culmination of desire and distress was depicted in the love triangle between Bree, Orson and Karl.

After getting Orson to agree to a divorce, Bree was finally free to make it official with Karl. While Bree promised to keep the news of the divorce quiet until after the holiday's, Karl had other plans. Karl decided to propose to Bree by hiring a plane to fly overtop of the Christmas party with a banner asking Bree to marry him. Bree is furious when she discovers Orson's plan, but it's too late to cancel the flight - the pilot is in the air and he's had a heart attack. The plane is headed right for Wisteria Lane! It just so happens that the three crossed lovers end up in a fight inside Santa's workshop just as the plane's wing slices through the structure. The final scene shows a bloody, dainty hand in the wreckage of the workshop.

So, who do YOU think are among the deceased? Fingers are obviously being pointed at Bree, Orson and Karl, but would Cherry really kill off another housewife so soon after the loss of Edie? That's the point of these cliffhangers - they make you think and leave you hanging.

Until next time A Listers...

Sevin Nyne bags Cash

Lindsay Lohan, actress, designer, promotor, tabloid fixture, can add a new adjective to her resume: mistress. 

The former mean girl has reportedly been hooking up with Cash Warren, the husband of her costar, Jessica Alba. US Weekly broke the news of the affair last week. The tabloid claims that eyewitness accounts put the stars at West Hollywood hotspot Villa on November 19. Apparently the two got a little too close for comfort, as the eyewitness reported seeing "lips on tongue." The kiss was reported to be "raw" as the hasbeens were "not shy."

While this behavior is pretty standard for a disheveled media whore like LiLo, it comes as a shock for her partner in crime. As father to adorable 18-month Honor Marie, Cash has been portrayed as a homebody in the media. The producer is only famous for  knocking up and marrying Alba. While he has befriended her young Hollywood crowd (Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Kim Kardashian), his movie credentials remain a mystery. Bottom line: why would someone who has so little give up so much?

Perhaps LiLo is to blame in this situation. With obvious daddy issues, the firebush bleached blonde skinny-minnie is known for getting a little too close for comfort. Her relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson is said to be plagued with commitment and fidelity issues. A romance with Heath Ledger was abruptly cut short by his deadly overdose, and her romance with Pink Taco owner Harry Morton ended with LiLo spiraling out of control.

For her part, LiLo says that the idea of a romance with Warren "is absurd. He is married. I wouldn't dare kiss him." However, her tweets tell another story. Upon landing in India to tape a BBC special, Lohan immediately tweeted @cash_warren landed! Really, LiLo, why is Warren your first tweet upon touching down? Upon learning Warren was at a basketball game, LiLo tweeted him @cash_warren

A LIST advice for LiLo - STAY AWAY FROM MARRIED MEN. With an already contested love life, no need to add drama by adding a married man into the mix. To top it off, cheating with your costar's husband will only lead to on-set drama, and you, LiLo, are the last person in Hollywood to need more drama in your life.

So, what do YOU think Lindsay's next low be?

Dec 8, 2009

A Shiva for a Shiksa

Shiksa: A gentile girl or woman, especially one who has attracted a Jewish man. Example: Sex and the City's Charlotte York Goldenblatt and 90210's Jackie Taylor.

While Charlotte York was vocal about her conversion to Judaism in Sex and the City ("My name is Charlotte York and I am interested in joining the Jewish faith"), Jackie Taylor was not.

The train-wreck mother of Kelly and (Erin) Silver has successfully made her mark in the cult classic Beverly Hills 90210 and has seamlessly integrated her old story line into the new hit, 90210.  However, all was not well for the Taylor matriarch. After losing her battle with breast cancer,  Jackie's daughters sat shiva for her.

Now hold on a minute here. As a beloved fan of the old season, I think I would remember if Jackie Taylor converted to Judaism. While she did marry a Jew, Mel Silver (father of David and Erin), Jackie never publicly converted. Since Judaism is passed down through the mother, if Jackie is not Jewish, then neither is Erin. See my dilemma? The shiksa had a shiva.

Throughout both series, Jackie and Kelly were the ultimate WASPS. How is it that they suddenly honor Jewish traditions? While Silver may consider herself to be a Jew because of her father's heritage, I highly doubt Jackie and Kelly traded in their priest for a rabbi. Maybe it was Aaron Spelling who came up with this idea before his passing. Perhaps Anne Gillespie (Jackie Taylor) or producer Darren Star had this idea during their last heart to heart with the late great producer. Either way, they at least should have invited Andrea Zuckerman for some support!

Lesson learned - even shiksas can have shivas.

Fast-forward to the 7:55 mark to watch the shiva scene.

It's (almost) Time to Celebrate Chanukah

This A-Lister is not the only one who caught the holiday spirit today.

In honor of the holiday of light, Nefesh B'Nefesh brought over 150 participants together on Ben Yehuda Street for the first ever Jerusalem flash mob. Even if you don't celebrate the Chanukah, you can't help but fall in love with the spirit of the people.


Dec 7, 2009

Music Monday

In honor of the upcoming Christmas holidays, I have decided to bring you loyal A-List readers back to your youth with Christmas: The Boy Band Edition.

As a Jew who has never celebrated the holidays, I have always loved listening to Christmas songs infused with a pop twist. These songs always remind me that my holiday season, Chanukah, is beginning. My December is always filled with shining chanukiahs, fried potato pancakes, jelly donuts and chocolate gelt.

While the song you are about to hear doesn't exactly scream Chanukah, it represents the holiday season. One of my favorite boy bands, Hanson (don't judge) came out with one of the top Christmas songs. Hanson's "What Christmas Means to Me" always has me bopping my head.

And don't think I'm neglecting my Jewish roots here. The king of all Chanukah songs, Adam Sandler's "The Chanukah Song" is beyond. Enjoy the hilariosity below!

Dec 6, 2009

Have Your (Cup)Cake and Eat It Too

The best way to own a designer item without breaking the bank: fashion cupcakes!

Give a mouthwatering, lip-licking hello to the most fashionable cupcakes to hit the blogosphere. Created by Swedish stylist Lisa Edsalv and photographer Therese Aldgard, these designer goodies look too good to eat. With designs for fashion powerhouses Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Vera Wang, Louis Vuitton, Agent Provocateur and Betsey Johnson, this team knows how to make luxe creations.

These creations have my fashion and sugar cravings in overdrive. I'm swooning over the delicate details in Vera's bridal cupcakes, the suggestiveness of Agent Provocateur's design and the red finish on the Louboutins. I'm also loving how the Betsey Johnson cupcake perfectly catches the fun-loving essence of the fashion designer and how the LV's are as sleek as the brand itself. It is Chanel that truly takes the cake. The quilted goodness looks good enough to wear and would surely make Coco proud. 

Excuse me while I try to calm down from my luxury, sugary overload...

Dearly Debarted...

Can the Upper East Side ever catch a break?

On tomorrow's Gossip Girl, things get serious as Chuck wrestles with issues from his past on the anniversary of his father's death. Just Bart Bass left the privileged world by way of a tangled car, another will follow in his footsteps. A serious car accident will rock the Upper East Side, and judging from the CW's telling trailer, my bet is on Trip or Maureen.

You know you love me. xoxo, The A List.

Losing her Halo, One Scandal at a Time

Miley Cyrus is climbing her way out of her squeaky-clean alter ego and into the real, inky world.

The Hannah Montana star may only be 17, but she is already pushing the limits to adulthood. The controversial teen pop sensation has already angered parents over her risque dance moves (pole, meet Miley; Miley, meet pole), revealing outfits, too-old boyfriends and scandalous leaked photos.

The newest Miley-gone-wild tale? Well, Just Breathe, or so says the writing on Miley's new tatttoo. The suggestively placed "work of art" has the internet buzzing. How could Billy Ray and Tish let their 17-year-old daughter get a tattoo under her left breast? We all know they are pretty lax when it comes to their daughter, but how could they sign the parental permission form for THIS?

Rumor has it that the motivation behind the tattoo is actually quite heartwarming. Miley is said to have inked herself in memory of her best friend Vanessa who passed away from Cystic Fibrosis 3 years ago. The phrase "Just Breathe" is the motto of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the tattoo, she is setting a horrible example for her fans. As a role model, Miley is admired by many teenage girls. While she may not be level-headed enough to make the right decisions, her parents need to be there cautioning her. Even if the tattoo is in memory of Vanessa, could she not have chosen a less revealing place to have it inked? Is Vanessa significant to her left breast? Unlikely.

Miley needs to shape up or ship out. While I love a good party in the USA as much as the next girl, the girl christened as Destiny Hope must live up to her birth name and reserve the risque behavior for when she is long forgotten about and needs to climb her way back up to the Alist.

Dec 3, 2009

Britney's Happily Ever After

Britney Spears appears on this month's Elle magazine cover looking fresh and gorgeous as she poses with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

It is hard to believe that our pop princess would ever make it back from the brink of disaster, but boy did she ever. Following the 2008 head shaving, umbrella yielding and pill popping, Britney has emerged at the top of her game. 

In 2009 alone, Brit Brit created a sold-out circus, gained custody of her boys and found love with agent Jason Tarwick. In her Elle magazine cover spread, Spears shows off her banging new body and the littlest loves of her life. 

While I love an A-List trainwreck just as much as the other bloggers, my heart melts to see the pop princess regain her throne. Britney's back, bitch. 
(Photos courtesy of Carter Smith/Elle Magazine)

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