Oct 16, 2009

Uproar at UWO over YouTube Video

An iPhone captured a writhing, prostate student in the fluorescent-lit Social Science Centre hallway. Officers yelled "stop resisting" as they repeatedly kicked, punched and kneed the suspect.

The ubiquitous video is now a YouTube staple, having garnered over 200,000 hits on the site alone. The video, filmed by a politics professor, has sparked controversy both on the University of Ontario campus and off. According to the Globe and Mail, the video clip demonstrates the multiple layers of scrutiny now facing heavily policed Canadian campuses.

Fourth year student Irnes Zeljkovic, 22, is now charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest and mischief under $5,000. Friends of the criminology student insist he would never act in a threatening manner.

This hour-long incident will surely haunt Zeljkovic for the rest of his life. A quick Google search results in over 600-hits. Twitter has been buzzing about the arrest. The YouTube video has over 200,000 hits.

What will happen when Zeljkovic is trying to find a job? When potential employers Google him, they will be flooded with mentions of this unfortunate incident. Even if the charges are dropped, Zeljkovic will have a very hard time erasing his past to make room for the future.

The UWO video incident is a perfect example of what-not-to-do. In our technological age, it is hard, if not impossible, to run from your past. Remember to act responsibly and in a manner that will not cause future embarrassment.

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