Nov 18, 2009

From A-List to D-List

When choosing the name of my blog, The A List came to me after much consideration. What did I want my brand to be? What do I want to be known for? After considerable pondering, I realized that among my circle of friends I am already famous for something: celebrity gossip. After all, gossip sites are a procrastinator's best friends. I'm sure all of you in Weldon Library can attest to this.

This is where the A List fit in. The A List is not just the name of my blog, but it also refers to the Hollywood elite. These heavyweights can frequently be seen on the cover of magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, GQ, Rolling Stone and Harper's Bazaar. They are constantly surrounded by a swarm of paparazzi. And, most importantly, they have captured the hearts of their loyal followers (much like I am doing right now...).

Naturally, the exclusivity of the A-List provides the perfect environment for social climbing. Celebrities must battle their fellow famous folk for the top spot, and the process is not always pretty. Who can forget the sex tape rumor Speidi started in hopes of becoming the new stars and evicting Lauren Conrad from The Hills? LC is now dating Z-lister Kyle Howard (of TBS show My Boys "fame") and has seen her overpriced fashion line crumble. Is LC's current status a result of Speidi's rumor? Maybe. Probably. While I can't tell you with 100% certainty, I can tell you that she has been mysteriously absent from my obsession: weekly magazines. While LC has not yet reached the Z-List, she is definitely on the D-List.

The D-List is nothing to be proud of. Although it is commendable to not reach the unrecognizable, walk-right-past-the-paparazzi-without-them-noticing-Z-List, these D-Listers have had to resort to reality shows and guest stints to revive their careers.

Melissa Joan Hart
Best known as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, MJH was a TGIF staple on ABC. My Fridays circa 1996 were spent curling up on Bubie and Zaida's couch after Shabbat dinner to watch Sabrina work her magic on Harvey while Salem the talking cat egged her on.
But what happened after the show's 2003 cancellation? Ignoring the fact that this show should have bypassed the crappy college years, MJH faded into obscurity (read: marriage and children) following the series. Married to Z-List singer Mark Wilkerson, the couple now have two sons, Mason and Braydon.
To revive her career and move from the Z-List to the D-List, MJH joined this season's cast of Dancing with the Stars. Like her fellow DWTS cast mates and alum, MJH wanted a quick fix for her relative obscurity. The show promises to not only help you drop a few dress sizes (hello baby weight!) but also to put you back on the Hollywood map. Since beginning her stint on the show, MJH has been featured in the tabloids and has garnered 29,784 Twitter followers. Mazel Tov Sabrina!

THEN: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

NOW: Team Melarky on Dancing with the Stars and definite D-Lister

Shannen Doherty
Doherty was considered one of Hollywood's It Girls (i.e. A-List) in the late '80s to early '90s.
After playing the title character in the cult classic Heathers, Doherty was cast as Brenda Walsh in the hit series Beverly Hills 90210. As one half of the '90s most famous twins, Doherty made her mark as a snotty, bratty and catty teenager with major diva-tude. Seriously, why show up late to work when you get to make out with the Robert Pattinson of your time, Luke Perry? Tori Spelling's memoir sTORI Telling corroborated the media reports of Doherty's unprofessional behavior (perhaps she was Lindsay Lohan's inspiration?).
After  being axed from the show following the fourth season (1994), Doherty was able to land a second Aaron Spelling produced show, Charmed, before once again being cast off. Unable to land any memorable parts, the Z-Lister was forced to return to mentor the new class of West Beverly High in 90210, a CW remake of the original hit show. While fans of the original series were beyond thrilled to have some Brenda Walsh back in their lives, the guest stint only highlighted the sad ending for this former A-Lister. Because of her inability to play her cards right, Doherty is now squarely in the D-List. If she doesn't return to West Beverly High soon, the Z-List will come crawling back for her. Maybe she should ask former co-star, frenemy and B-Lister Jennie Garth for some advice on properly reviving Brenda. And bring back the rest of the crew, ladies! We all know their careers need reviving too...

THEN: Brenda Walsh, America's Sweetheart

NOW: Shannen Doherty, D-List

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