Nov 1, 2009

Hollywood Halloween

Regis and Kelly literally made me die this Halloween. It was bananas.

Following Ivanka's shevah bracha ceremony, the Donald shared the screen with Susan Boyle and Lady Gaga. Oops, I mean Regis and Kelly.

Is this the closest Vanessa Minnillo will come to walking down the aisle with Nick Lachey?

photo credit: Christine Chang

What do Heidi and Spencer do when Jon and Kate steal their magazine covers? They buy a wig, dig out their Ed Hardy shirts, and steal neighbor Enzo's dolls!

photo credit: Nathanael Jones/Pacific Coast News

Tyra can certainly keep up with the Kardashians!

photo credit: Michael Loccisano/Warner Bros.

As for me? I may not be Hollywood yet, but....

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