Nov 19, 2009

More than just a Vegetarian Vampire

Robert Pattinson has officially made his mark outside the Twilight Saga. In an effort to distance himself from the role that made him famous, Pattinson tackled a new-ish sort of character.

In the new Summit Entertainment film Remember Me, Pattinson plays Tyler, a troubled young man in New York City. The movie focuses on Tyler's strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) and his relationship with nice girl Ally (LOST's Emilie de Ravin).

Much like his Twilight character Edward, Tyler's life is more complicated than he first lets on. Through an unusual twist of fate, Pattinson's characters both met their leading ladies. In Twilight, Edward meets Bella after she happens to move to Forks, Washington, while in Remember Me Tyler meets Ally following an encounter with her policeman father.

Other similarities include the brooding personality of the title characters and the charming good looks and un-British accent adopted by Pattinson. This real life Brit (shocking, I know!) manages to make girls of all ages swoon, whether from the Twilight films or this short trailer.

Women (and some men) can't help but fall in lust with Pattinson. His good looks come with ease, as he and his costars lamented on the late night circuit that Pattinson rarely bathes. The intensity of his emotions shine through the screen and effectively capture the hearts of all in attendance.

To get your daily R-Patz fill, check out the trailer for Remember Me below.

WARNING: Ensure that your heart rate stays at an acceptable level during the viewing of this trailer. If heart palpitations occur, call your local doctor. I have mine on speed dial.
Thanks to Halee for the inspiration!

(Photo Credit: Bruce Weber, Vanity Fair)

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