Nov 28, 2009

The Real Party Crashers of DC

Media whores Michaele and Taraq Salahi threw whatever dignity they had out the window when they crashed President Barack Obama's first state dinner.

Dressed in a tux and fancy sari, the couple managed to sneak past the throngs of security to hobnob with Washington and Hollywood elite. Apparently Marine guards, Secret Service details and White House Staff are no match for this eager couple. The Salahi's successful escapade resulted in meet and greets with Vice President Joe Biden, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and news anchors Katie Couric and Robin Roberts.

Now, the Virginia socialite couple is being investigated by the Secret Service for being history's most successful gatecrashers. These media whores had the audacity to call Bravo and invite them into their home as they prepared for the party. The cameras captured every detail, from the dress selection to the limo ride. Best of all? Michaele is rumored to be Bravo's newest housewife, with a starring role on The Real Housewives of D.C.

Michaele's Facebook profile has been updated to share her experience with friends and media. Her status now reads: I was honored to be invited to attend the First State Dinner hosted by President Obama & the First Lady to honor India. In June 2010, the America's Polo Cup will be between INDIA & the UNITED STATES. Please join me in this cultural celebration of politics, diplomacy, fashion, sports, entertainment & family fun.

Pictures of the couple and famous invited guests adorn her photo albums. Her albums also give followers a peek into the life of a Washington socialite and social climber. Michaele, along with her husband, seem to attend a multitude of Obama-sponsored events. She even has photographs of the President speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation dinner. Celebrity-wise, she has pictures with Star Jones and ex-Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth. The fact that her profile is still set to public only reaffirms her ambitions for fame and notriety. After all, no level-headed individual would allow Facebook stalkers access into their personal page.

Clearly, the Salahi's have already infiltrated society's elite. Their next mission, fame, is already becoming reality (or at least a reality show). How soon until Michaele and Taraq's 15 minutes are up?

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