Nov 16, 2009

The Joys of Splash Sticks

My weekday routine begins with a stop at my local Bathurst and Eglinton Starbucks with my carpool. While the yummy drinks always kick-start my system (and sometimes yield annoying parking tickets), they also are a constant source of laughter for my friends. Known for my eccentric, complicated ways, my friends enjoy teasing me about my obsession with splash-sticks.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with splash-sticks, they are the little green sticks you see plugging the sip holes on Starbucks cups. And, as you can see below, I am not the only one who uses these handy green sticks.

Credit: Tom Meinelt/Splash News Online
My short-in-a-tall-cup, soy, sugar free vanilla, americano misto is always complemented by a splash stick. Not only do they help keep my drink warm on the drive to school (by keeping the cold air out), but they also prevent spills. My clothes are forever indebted to Starbucks for keeping them coffee-stain free.

Notice how well the green splash stick complements the red holiday cup?


  1. you should delete this post after today....Starbucks dissapointed

  2. Starbucks at Eglinton and Hilltop was out of splash sticks this morning. I'll have to steal a bunch from another location for next time. MAJOR disappointment - especially since I spilled coffee on my jacket while walking from the parking lot

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Why is my comment being ignored?! you know whats more spill-proof? reusable mugs

  5. Well AZ, bring me a pretty one back from your MTL adventure and I promise to bring it with me on my next Starbucks run. Pinky swear!


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