Nov 29, 2009

Tiger on the Prowl?

Golf superstar Tiger Woods is at the centre of a storm of media speculation following an early morning car crash outside his Florida home on Friday.

The golf champ steered his black Cadillac Escalade  into a fire hydrant and a tree just feet from his house in the gated community of Islesworth, Fla around 2:25 a.m. on Nov. 27. The crash has piqued the curiosity of law enforcement officials, sports fans and gossip rags.

While alcohol was said to not have played a role in the crash, Wood's suspicious appearance has raised questions about his martial bliss. Married to Elin Nordegren since Oct. 5, 2004, the couple have two children together: daughter Sam Alexis (2) and son Charlie Axel (9 months). The day before the crash, the National Enquirer reported that they have evidence of a relationship between Tiger Woods and party queen Rachel Uchitel. Was this affair the cause for the crash?

Survey says, YES. While the Enquirer has not released all of its evidence, they claim to have polygraph testimony from multiple sources saying that Woods and Uchitel were "in love" and that she didn't care he was married. If Elin was previously unware of her husband's extra-marital activities, the Enquirer surely rattled her tail-feathers.

Adding to the suspicion, sources are unclear over Elin's whereabouts during the time of the crash. Windemere Police Chief Daniel Saylor told People magazine that Woods was laying on the street when officers arrived on scene. Some sources claim that Elin used two golf clubs to shatter the back window of Wood's SUV in an effort to remove him from the vehicle. But the question remains, why was Elin outside, near her husband's moving car at 2 a.m.?!?

Some sources are claiming that the two were embroiled in a domestic dispute prior to the crash. Woods was found with facial lacerations on his lower and upper lips, begging the question: did Elin or the crash do this? TMZ is reporting that while being confronted by Elin about the affair, the conversation got heated and she scratched up his face. Woods then headed to his SUV to escape, but Elin followed him with a golf club and struck the car several times. Tiger thought the vehicle was stopped, but became distracted, causing the car to crash.

Confused? The reports differ over the use of the golf clubs. While People claims Elin used the clubs to free Woods from the vehicle, TMZ's sources claim Elin was trying to hurt Woods for the affair.

Even sketchier? The New York Daily News says that Woods and Elin were suspiciously unavailable for questioning today. In this case, maybe silence really is worth a million words.

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