Nov 21, 2009

The Twilight Slayer

Watch this hilarious spoof featuring clips from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight.

Now don't you wish Sarah Michelle Gellar was cast as Bella Swan instead of Kristen Stewart? With a wealth of vampire knowledge under her belt, Gellar would have been the perfect human companion to Robert Pattinson's Edward. With her brown hair (think Cruel Intentions days), she has the perfect combination of homeliness and gorgeousness needed to fulfill Bella's shoes. While Bella is still human (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse), the books explain that she is pretty, yet nothing special. However, once Bella becomes a vampire in Breaking Dawn, she is described as stunning, gorgeous and emotional. Truthfully, I just don't see Kristen Stewart being described with any of these adjectives. Her acting is dry and her looks are mediocre. Can you really see Stewart as a pregnant Bella fighting to save her baby? Can you really see her happy, cheerful and "full of life"? I can't. After seeing her in New Moon yesterday, I can confidently say that she is one of the most boring, empty actresses I have seen in a long time. No chance she has the emotional depth needed to carry on as Bella.

Oh, and another bonus: If Gellar had been cast as Bella, we can safely assume that Robsten (i.e. Robert and Kristen) would have never become a couple. Gellar would have only admired Rob from afar, given that she has Freddie Prinze Jr. to go home to at night.

Moral of the story? Sarah Michelle Gellar should have been Bella Swan. The actresses has not been cast in any substantial or buzz worthy roles since her stint as Buffy ended and she only JUST gave birth to baby Charlotte Grace. Maybe there is still hope for her to be cast as Edward's leading lady, though. Anyone up for creating a petition?

PS Last vampire related post. Swear!

(Kristen Stewart photo credit: (c) Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos)

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