Dec 16, 2009

First Tiger, Now Puma

Tiger Woods may be losing his sponsors, but his wife Elin Nordegren is "very close" to signing a deal of her own. The scorned Swedish stunner has been hammering out her very own endorsement deal with Puma.

Puma, an athletic wear company, is the archenemy of Nike, the only company to publicly stand by Tiger after his infidelity was made public. An official from Puma has confirmed that they are in "internal discussions" to sign Elin as a spokesperson for a new Swedish-inspired clothing line, Tretorn.

What a great publicity stunt. A Puma rep said the company feels Elin is "a good brand fit."Reading between the lines, Puma needs to increase their sales and enhance their brand, so they are signing the the most talked about women in the sports world. Using Elin as a spokesperson will also increase Puma's recognition among housewives and the female crowd. The fact that Elin plans to split from her famous philandering husband only helps the case. Hello female empowerment!

I'm sure Elin's animal fixation will work out a lot better with Puma than it did with Tiger.


  1. This is ingenius. All the bitter women who are hating Tiger right now AND Nike for supporting him will definitely look towards Puma now lol
    I'm loving it :P

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