Dec 6, 2009

Losing her Halo, One Scandal at a Time

Miley Cyrus is climbing her way out of her squeaky-clean alter ego and into the real, inky world.

The Hannah Montana star may only be 17, but she is already pushing the limits to adulthood. The controversial teen pop sensation has already angered parents over her risque dance moves (pole, meet Miley; Miley, meet pole), revealing outfits, too-old boyfriends and scandalous leaked photos.

The newest Miley-gone-wild tale? Well, Just Breathe, or so says the writing on Miley's new tatttoo. The suggestively placed "work of art" has the internet buzzing. How could Billy Ray and Tish let their 17-year-old daughter get a tattoo under her left breast? We all know they are pretty lax when it comes to their daughter, but how could they sign the parental permission form for THIS?

Rumor has it that the motivation behind the tattoo is actually quite heartwarming. Miley is said to have inked herself in memory of her best friend Vanessa who passed away from Cystic Fibrosis 3 years ago. The phrase "Just Breathe" is the motto of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the tattoo, she is setting a horrible example for her fans. As a role model, Miley is admired by many teenage girls. While she may not be level-headed enough to make the right decisions, her parents need to be there cautioning her. Even if the tattoo is in memory of Vanessa, could she not have chosen a less revealing place to have it inked? Is Vanessa significant to her left breast? Unlikely.

Miley needs to shape up or ship out. While I love a good party in the USA as much as the next girl, the girl christened as Destiny Hope must live up to her birth name and reserve the risque behavior for when she is long forgotten about and needs to climb her way back up to the Alist.

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