Dec 9, 2009

Sevin Nyne bags Cash

Lindsay Lohan, actress, designer, promotor, tabloid fixture, can add a new adjective to her resume: mistress. 

The former mean girl has reportedly been hooking up with Cash Warren, the husband of her costar, Jessica Alba. US Weekly broke the news of the affair last week. The tabloid claims that eyewitness accounts put the stars at West Hollywood hotspot Villa on November 19. Apparently the two got a little too close for comfort, as the eyewitness reported seeing "lips on tongue." The kiss was reported to be "raw" as the hasbeens were "not shy."

While this behavior is pretty standard for a disheveled media whore like LiLo, it comes as a shock for her partner in crime. As father to adorable 18-month Honor Marie, Cash has been portrayed as a homebody in the media. The producer is only famous for  knocking up and marrying Alba. While he has befriended her young Hollywood crowd (Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Kim Kardashian), his movie credentials remain a mystery. Bottom line: why would someone who has so little give up so much?

Perhaps LiLo is to blame in this situation. With obvious daddy issues, the firebush bleached blonde skinny-minnie is known for getting a little too close for comfort. Her relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson is said to be plagued with commitment and fidelity issues. A romance with Heath Ledger was abruptly cut short by his deadly overdose, and her romance with Pink Taco owner Harry Morton ended with LiLo spiraling out of control.

For her part, LiLo says that the idea of a romance with Warren "is absurd. He is married. I wouldn't dare kiss him." However, her tweets tell another story. Upon landing in India to tape a BBC special, Lohan immediately tweeted @cash_warren landed! Really, LiLo, why is Warren your first tweet upon touching down? Upon learning Warren was at a basketball game, LiLo tweeted him @cash_warren

A LIST advice for LiLo - STAY AWAY FROM MARRIED MEN. With an already contested love life, no need to add drama by adding a married man into the mix. To top it off, cheating with your costar's husband will only lead to on-set drama, and you, LiLo, are the last person in Hollywood to need more drama in your life.

So, what do YOU think Lindsay's next low be?

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