Dec 8, 2009

A Shiva for a Shiksa

Shiksa: A gentile girl or woman, especially one who has attracted a Jewish man. Example: Sex and the City's Charlotte York Goldenblatt and 90210's Jackie Taylor.

While Charlotte York was vocal about her conversion to Judaism in Sex and the City ("My name is Charlotte York and I am interested in joining the Jewish faith"), Jackie Taylor was not.

The train-wreck mother of Kelly and (Erin) Silver has successfully made her mark in the cult classic Beverly Hills 90210 and has seamlessly integrated her old story line into the new hit, 90210.  However, all was not well for the Taylor matriarch. After losing her battle with breast cancer,  Jackie's daughters sat shiva for her.

Now hold on a minute here. As a beloved fan of the old season, I think I would remember if Jackie Taylor converted to Judaism. While she did marry a Jew, Mel Silver (father of David and Erin), Jackie never publicly converted. Since Judaism is passed down through the mother, if Jackie is not Jewish, then neither is Erin. See my dilemma? The shiksa had a shiva.

Throughout both series, Jackie and Kelly were the ultimate WASPS. How is it that they suddenly honor Jewish traditions? While Silver may consider herself to be a Jew because of her father's heritage, I highly doubt Jackie and Kelly traded in their priest for a rabbi. Maybe it was Aaron Spelling who came up with this idea before his passing. Perhaps Anne Gillespie (Jackie Taylor) or producer Darren Star had this idea during their last heart to heart with the late great producer. Either way, they at least should have invited Andrea Zuckerman for some support!

Lesson learned - even shiksas can have shivas.

Fast-forward to the 7:55 mark to watch the shiva scene.

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  1. Thanks for your definition of a "shiksa" at the beginning of your post-it was a very helpful reading hint.

    I am also very surprised that the Taylor's would sit Shiva. As an old season fan as well, I don't remember them practicing any Jewish traditions. Why start now?

    90210 needs to stay consistent because their loyal fans remember every detail!


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