Dec 2, 2009

Wedding: Interrupted

What would you do if your new husband whipped out his BlackBerry or iPhone and broadcasted your vows before the marriage was sealed with a kiss? 

Most women would throw a hissy fit or immediately request an annulment. If you're Jewish, you may even forego your "special time" following the ceremony. But what did this bride do? She grabbed her own smartphone and joined in on the online fun.

The At My Wedding Twittering and Facebooking at the Alter YouTube video has gone viral. With 87, 212 views and counting since being posted on November 22, 2009, the world cannot get enough of this social media obsessed wedding. Groom Dana Hanna explained that he has a lot of family scattered around the country, and Facebook is their primary vehicle of communication. Family was notified of their engagement via Facebook status updates, and they chose to do the same with their wedding.

Hanna's mid-wedding tweet read: Standing at the altar with @TracyPage where just a second ago, she became my wife! Gotta go, time to kiss my bride. #weddingday

What would an A-Lister do in this situation? Celebrities are notorious for craving the spotlight. The John Mayers, Speidis and Jon Gosselins of the world may not know when enough is enough, but the true A-Listers have a handle on reality. I can guarantee you that Brangelina would never tweet if they make it down the aisle. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis? Fat chance.

What would YOU A-Listers do in this situation? Does social media ruin the wedding? This author thinks so.

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