Jan 9, 2010

An A-List Celebration

For my 23rd birthday, I had an intimate A-List affair with my nearest and dearest. I had just arrived home from a three-week vacation in not-so-sunny Miami and was so happy to see my friends.
A few of the A-List attendees

The event took place at my boyfriend's house and was a smorgasbord of my favorite foods: United Baker's greek salad, King David's pizza and a sushi platter from Sushi Inn. Dessert included the ubiquitous Baskin & Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream cake and a variety of packaged goods. The piece de resistance was The A-List inspired sweets from Toronto bakery Lollicakes.

The A-List rice krispie squares were a huge hit with my friends and perfectly captured the essence of me and my pet project. To represent this blog, they were shaped as lips and adorned with white chocolate lettering. Aside from being absolutely delicious, they were darling and the perfect centerpiece. The accompanying mini cupcakes followed the A-List theme, as they too had a lip motif. Thank you to Stef and Lollicakes for creating such an amazing birthday treat!
I truly have the best friends an A-Lister could ask for. Thank you to everyone who sent along well wishes and helped me celebrate.

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