Jan 25, 2010

Beat-Her-Down Photo Scandal

Chris Brown needs to hire some new PR people, stat.

The singer has been trying to revamp his image since last February, when his abusive tendencies were made public. Following a Grammy pre-party, Brown physically abused then-girlfriend Rihanna. While harming the pop-princess (or any princess, for that matter) was his first big mistake, things only got worse for Brown when photos of a battered Rihanna were leaked on the web. After keeping quiet for quite some time, Brown finally made a public statement. Or two. Or 10.

Despite his ernest efforts, Brown was not vindicated in the court of public opinion. His fans had switched teams, preferring to bat with Rihanna, the pop-princess phoenix who had risen from the flames. Brown's third album, Graffiti, was an epic failure, and his previous hits are garnering significantly less air-time.

At this point, a savvy celebrity would have realized the value in hiring a good PR team. Brown was and is still in desperate need of revamping his image, of reclaiming his throne. Instead of keeping a low-profile, Brown has decided to remind his audience of why we dislike him.

Brown posed for a picture with uber-designer Jean-Paul Gaultier at his pro-fighter fashion show, featuring models, and the designer himself, with fake blood and bruises. Why Brown thought this would be a good idea is beyond me. As a meager PR student, even I know the value of branding, imaging and representation.

My advice: hire a good PR team and stay away from bloody, bruised individuals, no matter how famous they may be.

(image via Fame Pictures)

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