Jan 26, 2010

Celebrity Twitter Talk

Attention A Listers - I have finally cracked the celebrity Twitter code.

It finally happened: a celebrity responded to my tweet. Now, my Twitter goal has never been about garnering celebrity attention. While it is an added value, my real mission on Twitter has been to engage my followers and provide them with the juicy gossip everyone wants, even if they won't publicly admit it.

My new Twitter pal (does one tweet allow me to call her my friend?!), Denise Richards, is an interesting brand of celebrity. She rose to fame as a Bond Girl in The World is Enough and as Neve Campbell's make-out partner in Wild Things. From there, Denise married Charlie Sheen, had two beautiful girls, and watched her messy divorce unfold in the eyes of the media.

Filing for divorce while carrying your husband's baby is a huge attention-getting move. So is dating your very-former-best-friend's (Heather Locklear) very-recent-ex, Richie Sambora. While I do NOT believe Denise intentionally did either of these things for the publicity, these moves obviously helped keep her in the limelight. Following her split from Sambora, Denise signed on to star in her own Ryan Seacrest-produced E! reality show, It's Complicated.

Today, Denise made an appearance on Oprah to talk about her life with, and after, Charlie. With her Dad in the audience for support, Denise opened up about Charlie's abuse and her reasons for divorce. While I do commend her for speaking up about such a sensitive subject, I do find the timing quite suspect. For those of you living under a rock or not reading The A List, Charlie was arrested over the Christmas holidays for abusing his new wife, Brooke.

I took to Twitter to address my thoughts on the issue.
Watching @Denise_Richards on Oprah. She seems sweet but is it all for publicity? Good PR? The Charlie card has been played out enough...
Surprisingly, Denise actually tweeted me back. She retaliated,
@aglicksman I've actually never talked about this stuff. hope to inspire others that are in a situation like I was...
Wow! A genuine celebrity tweet. Maybe not the most sound of conversations, but at least it got the ball rolling. I do think that she is inspiring to women in the same horrible situation she was in, but my tweet was referring to how she always needs to use Charlie to garner publicity. She no longer has much merit as a celebrity unless her Charlie connection is needed. With the suspicious timing of her interview to the Charlie-Brooke situation, hopefully now she can understand my reasoning for the tweet.

Thanks for helping me break the celebrity Twitter code Denise!


  1. check your facts. denise was in starship troopers first. that shit was like crack.

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