Jan 28, 2010

Hating on the Cat Lady

Heidi Montag's newly enhanced body is not feeling the love.

Following her staggering 10 procedures, Heidi, 23, has been bombarded with a ton of spiteful hate mail. It seems like fans and the concerned public are just not that into her extreme makeover. The most hurtful of the bunch claimed that Heidi's plastic surgery was against God's will, says a source. Obviously this person forgot that God created Dr. Mark Ryan to fix Heidi's appearance.

The hate mail has left Heidi feeling down, so her husband, the infamous Spencer Pratt, has been helping to cheer her up. Spencer has really stepped up to the plate, ordering seven bunches of flowers and tending to his wife's every need.

However, Spencer is not happy with Heidi's new look. A source says that Spencer feels "she looks like Cat Lady" and "it's all a little too much." The source goes on to say that, "Spencer loved how Heidi looked before this surgery. Because she's still swollen and the surgery hasn't settled yet, he's a bit shocked."

So are we, Spencer. So are we.

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