Jan 25, 2010

Music Monday: RENT

SPOTTED: A-listers belting out hits from the smash Broadway hint RENT last night at Toronto's Canon Theatre.

With a highly successful three-week run, last night's final performance was a show to remember. With original cast members Anthony Rapp (Marc) and Adam Pascal (Roger) singing front and centre, it was impossible not to feel the energy and warmth in the cozy theatre.

Theatergoers were treated to dazzling performances of hits like Seasons of Love, Take me Out Tonight, I'll Cover You, and my personal favorite, La Vie Boheme. It seemed that every audience member was a RENT fan, as you could hear a soft rumble of not-so-great voices singing along. With a gigantic smile and chills up and down my spine, I was more than happy to oblige to moo with Maureen during her rendition of Over the Moon.

The most magical part of the evening was after the show when Anthony Rapp greeted his awaiting fans. Gracious enough to sign a few dozen autographs, he then proceeded to walk down Yonge Street like the rest of us. I swear - the image below is his autograph. Most interesting was seeing how fanatical some fans are. While some hyperventilate at the idea of seeing Adam Pascal up close and personal, others were decked out in matching Maureen and Joanne outfits. One girl even had a huge hardcover "original" RENT book. She was quite possessive over it too! Regardless of the fan type, the warm glow was evident on everyone's face and it is a play that I will never forget.

Since video and photography were strictly prohibited, and I'm a goody-goody who tries to never break the rules, you A-List readers will have to make due with some song clips from the movie. Enjoy!

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  1. What a night. Though I still can't believe we missed Adam. I think there was added value in the double-sister-date. The production was really unbelievable. Such a great post.
    With love,
    A finally converted A-Lister.

    P.S. Photographs of Anthony's back will arrive ASAP.


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