Jan 20, 2010

Octo-Mom's Bikini Bod

Media whore Nadya Suleman has decided to stop directly pimping out her children and focus on what her momma gave her. Posing on the new issue of Star magazine, Suleman is looking all sorts of slender and lean. With her tight abs featured front and center, it hard to believe she gave birth to octuplets a mere 12 months ago (Jan 26, 2009). Even harder to believe? That she attained that body without plastic surgery.

Prior to giving birth to the octobabies, Suleman had already given birth to seven other children. This brings her grand total to eight pregnancies and 15 children. While this is ridiculous in itself, what is even crazier is that she expects us to believe that she bounced back from this body. It looks positively painful!

Basically, The A List believes that there is NO WAY Octo-Mom was able to regain her body post-babies. After all, if original super mom Kate Gosselin needed a nip/tuck after being pregnant with sextuplets, how could Suleman go au natural after octuplets?!

Whatever the case, it is obvious Suleman had some  sort of "help" fighting the baby bulge. I would not be surprised if she is featured on the ads of a diet program or weight loss supplement company in the coming months. Nor would I be surprised if she underwent secret plastic surgery which will air on a much publicized television special later this year. Whatever the case, I hope someone rewards her with some cold hard cash for all her obvious hard work. She has fifteen mouths to feed!

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