Mar 31, 2010

Whitney's Virtual Seder

Stars - they're just like us! Not one to break the timeless tradition of Passover seders, matzah and maror, Whitney Port relied on technology to plug her into her family's seder. The City star recounted her virtual seder on her official website.
Hi Guys!
Last night my family had a Passover Seder in LA and I of course could not be there because I was in NY. My mom had a great idea that we could all video chat, so at the end of their dinnre they passed the computer around and I got to talk to everyone. It felt like I was there! Ashley showed me her new long nails (she has bitten them for years and has finally grown them out), Jadey was laying on the couch not feeling well, my mom was loving the camera, and my grandparents were the cutest ever! They took these pictures while we were video chatting and so I had to post them. I hope everyone who is keeping Passover is having an easy week.
Chag Sameach!
Happy Passover to Whitney and all you A-Listers. I hope your meals are filled with matzah, k for p cheese and flake bars!

Glee Gone Wild

The GLEE train continues to roll at full steam ahead as the hit show is set to return on April 13. With an upcoming Oprah appearance, plans for a US tour and two chart-topping CDs, the cast of Glee now graces the cover of this month's Rolling Stone magazine.

The "Glee Gone Wild" cover story reveals a few tasty tidbits you may not have known about the seemingly clean-cut cast. Breakout star Lea Michele (Rachel Barry) dishes on her tattoos while lovable jock-come-chanteur Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) opens up about his childhood arrests for offenses that "didn't hurt people."

I'm glad that Rolling Stone chose to take the classy route with this shoot. Famous for barely-dressing their cover stars, the magazine was right to keep it clean-cut (minus Lea's exposed unmentionables). More "Glee Gone Wild" on newsstands now.

You're Welcome Twi-Hards

Kourtney's Post-Baby Body

Just like her sisters Kim and Khloe did before her, Kourtney Kardashian is revealing her new body on the cover of Life & Style.

The girlfriend of Scott Disick, mother of baby Mason Dash and star of Keeping up with the Kardashians is rocking her new body. The pint-size reality star claims she gained 40 pounds while pregnant, but her body now looks better than ever.

Only complaint: the incessant airbrushing. Her face looks completely different in the magazine cover. I almost couldn't tell Kourtney apart from her sisters. When will airbrushers learn that not all stars need "help".

True Blood Gets Crafty

Vampire I'd Like To F#@K (courtesy of HBO)

HBO is capitalizing on the good looks of their vampires in a new promo for its most watched television show, True Blood. With Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard leading the gorgeous pack of blood drinkers, the ad seems spot on. HBO is already racking in the ratings, but will sex sell and draw in a new crowd of vampire-lovers?

Oh, and call me crazy, but there is something about this ad that reminds me of Vanity Fair. Do you see it?

Stars Shine for OP

It's a clash of the prime-time stars as teen favorites have some fun in the sun in this new advertisement for Ocean Pacific swimwear. The campaign, called "Rock Your Shine" is getting tons of publicity thanks to their star-studded supporters.

Sold exclusively in Walmart stores, the line of swimwear is favored by a dizzying array of teen favorites. The stars of the campaign are Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr and Glee clubbers Cory Monteith and Diana Agron. The trio are joined by R&B singer Cassie, 90210's Trevor Donovan and Twilight: New Moon's Alex Meraz.

Will the celebrity endorsements influence your decision to buy bathing suits at Walmart? Personally, I'm more of a Target girl. Maybe it's a Canadian thing, but I always stock up on the quality bathers while I'm in the Sunshine State. What's your buying style?

Another Nail in Jesse's Coffin

Photo Credit:
Jesse James' neo-nazi fixation is the final straw in the court of public opinion. The reality star, who recently checked into a treatment facility, has completely ruined his image. After cheating on America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock with at least four women, including Ms. White Power herself, Bombshell McGee, this latest image takes the cake.

Jesse posed as Adolf Hitler, wearing a German soldier's cap, miming the evil dictator's mustache and giving a "Heil Hitler" salute. This fascination with a man who unleashed so much hatred, pain and suffering onto the world should not be viewed as an idol. Jesse's fascination with Hitler only furthers the story of his double life.

US Weekly, who released the image, claims that Sandra is ready to file for divorce and will do whatever it takes to keep Jesse's daughter Sunny in her life. The judge better grant Sandra custody. Jesse and his ex-wife are clearly not fit to raise the little girl.

Gossip Girl Sneak Peek

Love triangles are all the rage on the Upper East Side this week. While Blair gets caught between the Bass men, Little J stirs up trouble with Nate and Serena. Will love prosper or will the single life be imminent for our gossips?

Jesse Checks In

In a bid to save what's left of his reputation, Jesse James has checked himself into a treatment facility.

"Jesse checked himself into a treatment facility to deal with personal issues," his rep said. "He realized that this time was crucial to help himself, help his family and help save his marriage."

The Monster Garage reality star cheated on his wife of five years, America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock, with at least four women. Going to rehab seems like the next logical PR step for Jesse. Following the path laid out by famous cheating husbands before him, Jesse must be hoping that his efforts will win back America's hearts. Good luck with that!

Do you think there is something Jesse can do to salvage his relationship with Sandra, his three kids and the public? I think Bombshell ruined his chances.

The End of an Ugly Era

Photo Credit:
The recently cancelled Ugly Betty filmed its last episode today. While fans have been mourning the loss of their favorite feel-good prime-time drama, the cast has been celebrating their final days together. Breakout star Mark Indelicato posted this picture on his Twitter account, calling his cast members his family. Don't you die for casts that genuinely like each other? I do.

Mar 30, 2010


Photo Credit: Hennessey/Keeble/Splash News Online
I realize that this still is from Robert Pattinson's new film Bel Ami, but doesn't the costume just scream Edward? As a 108-year-old man stuck in a 17-year-old vampire's body, I'm sure Edward donned a dapper get-up like this at one point or another. Isn't he dashing?

Bad Girl Finishes Last

The Beverly Hills bad girl is gone as Shannon Doherty and partner Mark Ballas are the first couple voted off Dancing with the Stars. As one of the biggest names this season, Shannon's early dismissal was a bit of a surprise. The most upset are the 90210 diehards like myself.

To make matters worse, Shannon's dancing stint did not even come close to topping former co-stars Ian Ziering and Jennie Garth's efforts. Ian and Jennie were both eliminated in week nine, and Shannon didn't even make it past week two. I hope Luke Perry is the next 90210er to hit the dance floor.

Teri Gets Hatched

No longer an idle Desperate Housewife, Teri Hatcher is the newest celebrity to jump on the social networking bandwagon.

The actress just announced a new join web project with called, "A Chick's Guide to Life." The site will launch in May and will feature creative and editorial content and insight provided by Hatcher and a team of experts. The joint effort will create a fun, inspirational and unique web destination that features a variety of topics and solutions for the needs of all women.
"I am very excited to partner with (which is already the top site for moms) to launch, in the spring, a new destination for women that will be innovative and empowering and provide, with humor, insight and vulnerability, solutions to the needs and obligations of today's modern women," said Hatcher.
The site will feature articles, blogs, original video series and advice from Hatcher and her team of experts on everything pertaining to the demands on a woman.

Is it just me or does this sound very similar to Brooke Burke's ModernMom?

Heidi 3.0

You may consider this to be a franken-Heidi overload, but the plastic reality star is always good for a laugh. Her mother's reaction in the trailer for the new season of The Hills is priceless.

Heidi starts the conversation by asking her mother, "Are you telling me I don't look good?" Awkward pause ensues. Her mom's response? "Maybe you should rephrase the question."

Ouch! Looks like money has not bought you beauty, happiness or love Heidi!

LOST: The End is Near

"Jacob may not be evil, but he's kind of a dick. The kind of dick who sums up the entire show with a metaphor about a bottle of wine: the wine is Hell, he says, and the island is the cork, 'the only thing keeping the darkness where it belong.'" Mike Ryan, Vanity Fair

Last week's episode of LOST, Ab Aeterno, finally gave in to fan requests. Answers were provided about the island's purpose and about its mysterious never-aging inhabitant Richard Alpert.

I don't want to give away any more spoilers, but I'll leave you with this: seven episodes remain. The Package, Happily Ever After, Everybody Loves Hugo, The Last Recruit, The Candidate, Across the Sea, What did they Die For and The End are the only obstacles standing in the way of you and your answers. The end is near. Are you ready to learn the fate of the LOST?

Media Plans Ahead for Lindsay's Death

Photo Credit:
Warning: the following disturbing and morbid, yet not surprising. 

Linday Lohan's behavior has prompted the media to act fast and prepare her obituary. The 23-year-old troubled actress has been making headlines for her out-of-control antics, including drug and alcohol abuse, rehab stints and rumors of self-mutilation. A senior producer at a major news outlet reported:
"News outlets need to be prepared. However shocking a story it might be, they are in the business of breaking news fast and any preparation that can be done ahead of time is them just simply doing their jobs. We all scrambled when Brittany Murphy and Heath Ledger died and didn't want that to happen again."
Lindsay's behavior has been condemned by those close to her. The hard-partying actress is heading down a destructive past, and even she seems aware of it. Lindsay's display picture on her Twitter account is of her and DJ AM, who died in September 2009 of a drug overdose. The Hollywood pair were friendly, but is she foreshadowing a continuation of their friendship in their next life?

While it is heartbreaking that the media is pre-planning for Lindsay's death, it is understandable that they want to be ahead of the game. In this social media age, you are only as credible as the speed of your news. With Twitter breaking stories, news outlets need to be able to provide the full-story and complete obituary in order to stay relevant.

Hopefully the media will be able to file the obituary away until very far in the future.

UPDATE: Linday's dad, Michael Lohan, is currently holding a press conference, airing live on TMZ. The subject? Save Lindsay. He even references DJ AM. Was he reading The A List?

Mar 29, 2010

Dancing Drama

Wherever Kate Gosselin goes, drama follows.

The newest plight for America's most famous mother centers on the tension between Kate and her Dancing with the Stars partner, Tony Dovolani. In a rehearsal clip shown during Monday night's show, Kate whined that she's "stressed" while Tony complained, "Nothing in dancing is natural to Kate."

Kate walked away from rehearsal exclaiming, "I'm done, I'm done today." Tony's response? "I quit!"

The drama queen chalked the incident up to having "a lot of people quit on me in my life." Gee, I wonder who she was referring to... ahem Jon.

While Tony admitted that he had "overreacted," it did not help salvage the dance or their chemistry. Kate shook her head as she missed steps, mouthed the counts and rolled her eyes. Judge Bruno Toniolli called their routine a "nightmare... you go through the motions like a Stepford Wife. You need to get acting lessons!" Kate's response? Another eye roll.

If she keeps this attitude up, Kate stands no chance of garnering America's votes.

She's No Marilyn

Heidi Montag sent her media whoring idol Perez Hilton a video birthday message this weekend. Potentially trying to channel a modern-day humorous Marilyn Monroe, Heidi praised Perez for helping to make her a star. She actually is quite funny, but her face is scary. It doesn't move. No really, I swear.

Stating the Obvious

Ricky Martin has revealed that he is a gay man.

After dodging the sexuality question for years, he just posted the following message on his official website: "I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am."

Ricky says that the 2008 birth of his twin sons led to his decision to come out.

Shocking, right?

Music Monday: (pass)OVER

Just as Drake sings, everything will be kosher tonight. With the start of Passover only hours away, it seemed appropriate to feature Toronto's most famous half-Jew in this week's Music Monday post. The homegrown hero with the blinging chai wows critics yet again with his current hit Over. I wonder where October's Very Own will be breaking matzah tonight?

Twitter War: Big Pimpin

Jay-Z's hit song may have turned big pimpin into a hip catchphrase, but Demi Moore fails to see the humor in its use. The claws came out after Kim Kardashian "inappropriately" used the term.  

The Twitter war began after Kim posted a Twitpic with the caption, "Big pimpin w @SerenajWilliams @LaLaVazquez @Kelly_Rowland Love u girls!"

Demi quickly retaliated with "Are you using the word "pimpin" as in pimping?", to which Kim replied: "Doesn't everyone? LOL... Nothing wrong with dancing with Big Pimpin' by Jay Z in the club! Having a girls night out, gotta love that song!"

As the newest campaigner against child slavery, Demi took offense to the casual use of the word. "A pimp is nothing more than a slave owner!.. if we want to end slavery we need to stop glorifying the "pimp" culture.. I was just making a point about how we have used a word and desensitized the real meaning."

Realizing the mess she just brewed, Demi then tweeted, "Clearly I stirred up a s**t storm." Like any good Kardashian, Kim managed to get the last word in as she tweeted, "Good point! I agree! It was just a song not literal."

While Demi should be commended for taking a stance against child slavery, is she taking her new goodwill position a little too far? Words like "pimping" have become desensitized in our culture, but Demi clearly chose to start something with Kim for the publicity. Thoughts?

Blossom's Big Bang

Famous for her large hats and flowery dresses, Blossom will be branching out into modern comedy. Mayim Bialik has been virtually mia since her hit 80s show went off the air. Producers of the Big Bang Theory must have recognized her comedic potential, as they have tapped her to guest star as Sheldon's love interest.

Bialik will guest star in the May 24 season finale. The plot line is said to revolve around Bialik and her nerdy counterpart Sheldon meeting on eHarmony.

Bialik is the latest 80s and 90s star to make her television comeback. The others? Shannon Doherty is on Dancing with the Stars, Candice Cameron Bure (Full House's DJ Tanner) is Make It or Break It and Heather Locklear has returned to Melrose Place.  These ladies are most likely being brought in to boost up ratings and open up the shows to a different demographic. Are you excited to see these ladies back on the silver screen?

Mar 28, 2010

The Ten Commandments

What would Passover be without Charlton Heston saving the Jews from Pharoh's slavery, parting the Red Sea and delivering God's Ten Commandments?

The 1956 movie The Ten Commandments is still making a splash with audiences today. The dreamy Heston makes a powerful Moses as he goes against his upbringing and claims his title as the savior of the Jews. While Hollywood is famous for bringing out the eccentricities in biblical and historical stories, they definitely hit the mark with this film. The sets, the special effects and the actors bring the story of Exodus to life year after year in television specials.

Get into the passover spirit a day early with tonight's viewing of The Ten Commandments, airing at 9 pm on Bravo.

Glorida Allred: Mistresses Choice

Gloria Allred is best known for her association with the "other women." The high-profile, high-priced Los Angeles lawyer is first on every mistresses call list. In the past two years alone, Allred has made headlines for going up against OctoMom, defending Tiger Woods' number one whore Rachel Uchitel and now for defending Jesse James' fourth mistress.

What is it about Allred that makes her so infamous? The money. Scorned women flock to Allred because she has a track record of making money for anyone involved in a scandal.

"Gloria gets these ladies great deals, whether it's paid media publicity, photo spreads or interviews or lucrative contracts to keep their mouths shut," said trial attorney and divorce lawyer Stacy Schneider. "The men get nervous when Gloria is hired because they know she is media savvy and will drag them through the mud if it means a pay day for her clients."

An effective lawyer, communicator and publicist all rolled into one? Guess Allred really is worth the big money.

MTV's Major Failure

MTV is receiving serious flack for its missing sensitivity chip. The latest addition to the online collection of its True Life series, True Life: I'm Deaf isn't close captioned. The original episode aired in 2008 but MTV has still failed to add closed captioning to its online stream. Presumably, the show was developed to help remove the stigma associated with the hearing impaired. While MTV should be commended for focusing on minority groups (I'm not talking about Jersey Shore here!), they should be sensitive to their needs. Is it really THAT hard to add some close captioning? In short, a major PR fail.

Mar 27, 2010

Elin's New Motto

Photo Credit: Splash News Online
Just do it.

Elin Nordegren, the scorned wife of Tiger Woods, was seen out and about in Florida yesterday wearing the traditional garb of the company that has provided her family with millions. Supporting Tiger's primary sponsor, Nike, Elin made sure the paparazzi spotted her with the swoosh.

The wedding ring may still be off, but is the Nike hat the new symbol of commitment?

Jack Bauer Retires

The toughest man on television is preparing for his final bow. The eighth season of Fox's hit show 24 will indeed be its last, but what will Jack Bauer's fate be once the clock stops?

Don't worry Keifer fans. Mr. Sutherland is committed to reprising his hit role in the big screen adaptation of the show that keeps us ticking.

"While the end of the series is bittersweet, we always wanted '24' to finish on a high note, so the decision to make the eighth season our last was one we all agreed upon," Kiefer Sutherland said in a press statement.

A two-hour series finale will air on May 24 at 8PM and will lead into the plot line for the upcoming movie. This season has seen Jack defending his country against radical Islamists keen on destroying New York with a nuclear bomb. While this plot line has definitely kept me biting my manicured-nails, I am most excited for ex-ER star Eriq La Salle to guest star as the UN Secretary General.

Mar 26, 2010

Family Bonding

Photo Credit: Splash News Online
The recently retired Grey's Anatomy actress is staying true to her word and spending more time with her family. Katherine Heigl took advantage of her free time to lunch in Los Feliz, California on Thursday with her husband Josh Kelley and their 16-month-old daughter Naleigh. Good thing too! After using "family time" to get out of her contract, Katherine needs to be seen with her daughter. Keep up the mothering!

The Golden Twins II

Photo Credit: Splash News Online
Their famous parents must have stopped hiding them as the Golden Twins have been spotted out on their Venice balcony yet again. Knox and Vivienne look so happy to be with Angie, but I am dying to see a full-fledged family portrait. Any tabloids willing to make a nice charitable donation in exchange for the Jolie-Pitt family pic?

Last Song, Lasting Image

Photo Credit: Karl Rover/Startraks
Teen queen Miley Cyrus donned a wicked leather dress at the premiere of her new movie, The Last Song. Posing with co-star and new love Liam Hemsworth, Miley proudly showed off her Australian import.

Miley is doing a great job of maintaining her not-so-innocent persona. Last year's Vanity Fair/Annie Leibovitz photoshoot featuring a half-naked Miley catapulted the teen star into adult territory. This year's pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards and the demise of Hannah Montana kept people talking. Her new relationship is helping as well. After ditching Christian model and daddy Billy Ray's bestie Justin Gaston for new beau Liam Hemsworth, Miley's behind the scenes actions have critics buzzing.

I am still undecided about the fate of The Last Song. While Liam is definitely a looker, Miley seems so whiny in the trailer. Will you see the Nicholas Sparks' flick?

Mar 25, 2010

Carrie's Canadian Pride

She may not have been born north of the border, but Carrie Underwood is Canada's newest fan. The country crooner, who is engaged to Canadian hockey player Mike Fisher, donned his Ottawa Senators jersey for her recent concert in her honey's hometown.

"Hello, Ottawa," Underwood, 27, told a cheering audience of 10,000 at the Scotiabank Place. "So I guess I can kind of consider this my hometown."

Fisher was sitting front and centre with an entourage of 100 to cheer on his lady. At one point during the concert, Underwood waved to Fisher from a blue pick-up truck that was suspended over the audience. When a fan screamed out, "I love Mike Fisher!," Underwood was quick to reply, "No, I love Mike Fisher."

With all the attention brought to the Senators, the Toronto Maple Leafs need a big-named girl to make their presence known in Hollywood. Sorry, Dion Phaneuf - Elisha Cuthbert no longer cuts it!

Photo Credit: Tony Lofaro/The Ottawa Citizen

Bey in the Oven?

If this rumor is true, the world should be ready to welcome Hollywood's most BLINGed out baby! is reporting that Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting their first child.

It's been a long time waiting...but now it's finally happened. just learned from a ROCK SOLID source that legendary singer Beyonce and her hip hop mogul husband Jay-Z are expecting their first child together. 
According to our source Beyonce is doing fine and resting (for now), but she's expected to continue working throughout her pregnancy. Also we're told that Jay Z is EXTREMELY happy to be having his first child with Bey.

This news is not the baby related news regarding the Knowles family. Paternity tests recently revealed that Beyonce's father Matthew fathered a child with his mistress. B's (possible) new baby and her half-brother will be super close in age. How darling!

Update: Beyonce's rep says that the pair are not expecting a baby.

The Hills Crumble

Tired of seeing their lives splashed across television screens, the ladies of MTV's The Hills are taking their final curtsey.

The reality show's sixth season - debuting April 27 - will be its last. The hit show catapulted the careers of Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge noticed their ratings plummeting 30% last year.

"I think we've told the story of the struggle of finding yourself in LA," creator Adam DiVello said. "A lot of these kids have found themselves and have certainly embarked on different careers and different paths."

DiVello says that season six will deal with Heidi's shocking plastic surgery transformation. Cameras were on hand to capture her recovery and her mother's reaction. Other subject lines include Heidi and Spencer's marriage, Audrina's new flame (and Ashlee Simpson ex) Ryan Cabrera and Kristin Cavallari's rumored drug abuse.

I guess that Kristin didn't have the star power to hold the show like Lauren did. Are you sad to see the show go and do you think a Speidi spin-off is in the works?

Photo Credit: Wenn

Mar 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Mischa Barton takes my breath away, but not in a good way! The actress is really living up to her Mushy nickname, courtesy of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. Again, speechless.

The Golden Twins

Hollywood's golden twins were spotted without their knit caps in Venice. Getting into the spring groove, Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt were hanging out with their famous parents, Brad and Angelina, on the family's balcony. Brange must have some strong genes - the adorable twosome look exactly like Shiloh!

Photo Credit: Ramey Pix

Ann Coulter Rattles Canadian Rights

Right-wing firebrand Ann Coulter has been spewing hatred at university campuses across Canada. The controversial political figure is known for her biased views, but her recent outburst at the University of Western Ontario has angered the nation. 

Coulter was brought in to speak to UWO students on Monday at the university's North Campus building. With her blonde hair and heavily-mascaraed lashes, she really let the students have it. Coulter's main opponent was a political science student who is Muslim. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, she had joked that Muslims denied air travel should take "flying carpets." When the student challenged that remark, Coulter told her to take a "camel." Even worse? Coulter insulted Canada's public school system when she added, "I thought it was just American public schools that produced ignorant people."

The controversy deepened when Coulter received a pre-emptive and private caution about the limits of free speech in Canada from the provost of the University of Ottawa, where she was set to appear on Tuesday. The irony? The reported $10,000 talk was titled "Political Correctness, Media Bias and Freedom of Speech." The speech was cancelled after protesters prompted concern for her safety. Event organizer and conservative activist Ezra Levant said it was an embarrassing day for Canada.

Coulter is currently preparing a human rights complaint. She is arguing that she is the victim of a hate crime under Canadian law.

I have two questions to propose.

  1. Why are the universities surprised by Coulter's speech? After all, this is the woman who once claimed that "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim."
  2. Why are Coulter and her aide Levant now filing a human rights complaint? After all, she is the one that promoted hatred against an identifiable group during her UWO speech. 

Why does all the drama happen after I graduate from UWO?

An Unusual Couple

Hollywood couples are getting harder to predict as former heterosexuals are coupling up. The newest unexpected match? Biggest Loser host Jillian Michaels and former Beverly Hills 90210 and Las Vegas star Vanessa Marcil. The two are said to be "very close" and have reportedly been hooking up for some time now.

While not a lot is known about Michaels' past relationships, Marcil has always been into the males. The actress famously dated and has a seven-year-old son Cassius with her 90210 co-star David Austin Green.

I think Michaels and Marcil are a perfect match. Michaels' is a popular trainer on a hit television show and Marcil portrayed trainer/figure skater Gina Kincaid on a hit television show. Do you think this is a match made in Hollywood heaven?

The Phenomenon Returns

Mark your calendars Gleeks - Fox's breakout hit Glee will be back on April 13. Our beloved McKinley High glee club is bringing on the drama, the romance and, of course, the tunes when the show returns from its four-month hiatus. Get ready for guest stars Madonna, Idina Menzel, Neil Patrick Harris and Jennifer Lopez.

Mar 23, 2010

The Cutest Diggs

His famous parents have got nothing on this swirl's sweet cheeks. Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel's son Walker Nathaniel, 6 months, is a man of many names. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the proud papa revealed that he is worried his son does not know his name because they have so many nicknames for him. While Skywalker, Walkman and Walkathon have all been used, Diggs' favors "Swirl." 

"Because he's chocolate and vanilla swirl...and then on the back of his head he's got a little swirl," Diggs explained. "I love him so much!"

A Stylish Trio

Fashionista Nicole Richie is already passing on her wisdom to her two little ones, Harlow Winter Kate and Sparrow James Midnight.

The stylish trio were spotted out in West Hollywood earlier today. Nicole was sporting cut-out booties from House of Harlow's new shoe line; a mohawked-Sparrow donned blue-and-white sailor stropes; and Harlow was rocking the denim trend. How Hollywood!

Nicole's fit post-pregnancy body definitely benefits from carrying around her kids. During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Nicole revealed that Harlow, 2, weighs 22 pounds while Sparrow, 6 months, already weighs 18 pounds. God knows how the super skinny socialite is able to haul both babies around town.

Photo Credit: X17

Official Eclipse

Sink your teeth into the newest teaser released by Summit Entertainment execs. The official Eclipse poster carries on the love triangle theme between Edward, Bella and Jacob. The intensity is present in each character's eyes as they stare sulk in the image. It should come as no surprise that Robert and Taylor look smoking, but I'm impressed that the photo-editor was able to make Kristen look good. Tip: keep him on the payroll.

Kate Tanks Dancing Debut

The world's most famous mom of eight should stick to her original day job - parenting!

As a contestant on season 10 of Dancing with the Stars, Kate's dancing debut did not wow the crowd or the judges. Performing the Viennese Waltz with partner Toni Dovolani, Kate was definitely out of her comfort zone. 

"The technique was terrible," said judge Bruno Tonioli. "You have to learn to perform. Assume a character. It looked like Tony was pushing a shopping cart around the floor."

"The first dance is like your first date - you don't know what to expect, you want to impress and you're nervous - and I think that was the stumbling block for you," said judge Len Goodman.

Despite the harsh critiques, Kate and Tony earned 16 out of 30 points, putting them ahead of 80-year-old contestant Buzz Aldrin and soap star Aiden Turner. Maybe it's time to go step out of the ballroom and go back to chasing your little ones around the house.


The most fashionable twins on the block are making high fashion affordable and accessible to teens. With an edgy juniors collection for JCPenney dubbed Olsenboye on the market, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are expanding their ever-growing empire. With luxe labels The Row and Elizabeth and James already a hit with celebrities and fans, Olsenboye will provide admirers with the twins signature look at an affordable price.

I'm loving the look the twins are pulling off in this picture. They look effortless and chic - Mary-Kate even managed to brush her hair for the occasion!

Photo Credit: Dario Cantatore/FilmMagic

Technorati: 2ZGHUFYK3G5C

Mar 22, 2010

Tina Talks Lindsay

Comedy queen Tina Fey reveals how she really feels about Lindsay Lohan.

The former Mean Girl left such an impression on Tina that she hopes her daughter, Alice, does not enter show-business.

"Lindsay was 17 when she did Mean Girls and she was brilliant. But to have success and money at that age has got to be overwhelming. No one tell you, 'No,' and I definitely wouldn't want that for my child. I'd try to make her do theatre first, because you learn a real work ethic there, and we'd certainly try to make her wait until she's done school."

After pointing out all of Dina Lohan's parenting mistakes, Tina goes on to praise Lindsay.

"Lindsay was a lovely girl," she said. Very smart and very funny - and I hold out hope that we'll see some really good work from her again."

I'll cheers to that, Tina!

Total Eclipse

Are you ready for this Twi-Hards? Edward is better than ever in the first full scene from the newest addition to the Twilight Saga, Eclipse. Enjoy!

MUSIC MONDAY: ChatRoulette

Tired singer/songwriter Ben Folds has made himself relevant again by singing about the newest social networking site come guilty pleasure, ChatRoulette. Folds used his MacBook Pro to connect with fellow chatters during his concert in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday. His fans really seemed to enjoy the interaction! Folds brilliantly proved why he should be back in the spotlight as he improved (on key!) while connecting with strangers. 

This latest interaction proves that you never know which famous face you will run into while ChatRouletting! 

Borat and Isla Tie the Knot

Comedic couple Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher have finally made it official. Mazel Tov!

Cohen, 39, and Fisher, 34, who have been engaged for two years, said "I do" in front of a few close relatives in a private traditional Jewish ceremony in Paris last Monday. Cohen was spotted wearing a wedding ring on Sunday.

"We did it - we're married!" Fisher wrote in an email to friends. "It was the absolute best day of my life and in so many beautiful moments I missed you all so much. I thought of you as everything was happening, but Sacha and I wanted no fuss - just us!"

The couple welcomed daughter Olive in 2007 but were unable to marry until her conversion to Judaism was complete.

Tiger Talks Again

Tiger Woods admits he was "living a lie" during a televised interview with ESPN. The first interview since his November car crash and subsequent sex scandal, the golfer admits that he has "done some pretty bad things" in his life and he was "a little nervous" about his upcoming return to professional golf in April. 

Apologizing to his wife Elin and mother Kultida was one of the "low points" for Woods. 

"I've hurt them the most," said Woods. "Those are the two people in my life who I'm closest to - and to say the things that I've done truthfully to them was very painful."

Woods notes that Elin was "hurt. Very hurt. Shocked and angry - and she had every right to be." He confirmed that he sought treatment at a clinic from Dec. 31 through Feb. 11 and he underwent family counseling for a week following his public statement in February. 

"It was really tough to look at yourself in a light you never want to look at yourself," Woods said. "That's pretty brutal."

Mar 21, 2010

Hollywood Catwalk

With the help of her famous parents, Ava Sambora made her modeling debut at the White Trash Beautiful show.

The 12-year-old daughter of actress Heather Locklear and Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora stunned the catwalk at the kickoff of LA Fashion Week. It wasn't a fluke that Ava walked in this show - the line is the creation of her father and designer Nikki Lund. Though her parent's divorce may have been tumultuous, they put on a united front while cheering on their only offspring. Mom Heather beamed from the front row, while snapping photos on her iPhone as her look-alike daughter strutted down the runway.

"I'm very, very proud of her. I'm very excited, and I'm here to support her," Locklear told People magazine. "And the minute she's done I'm going to grab her and wipe off her makeup and get her into her pjs."

The teen was natural and confident as she glided down the runway to Livin on a Prayer in four edgy, yet feminine looks and "early" Bon Jovi-inspired accessories.

Proud papa Sambora was unable to make the show, but his partner, Lund, was sending him photos the whole time, explaining, "He's so excited about this, it's his baby!"

Photo Credit: Gilbert Flores/Celebrity

Changed Perceptions

Elementary school mornings are a distant blur of butterfly hair clips, tall glasses of skim milk and Zack and Kelly on Saved by the Bell. The show that helped define my vision of high school was flooded with advice on relationships, friendship and how to befriend your teachers. My favorite actors? I'm not ashamed to admit that I went the all-American route and idolized Mark Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Amber Thiessen. Their portrayals of Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski made me want that relationship. I obviously turned a blind eye to the bad stuff, but I focused on the good. While I soon learnt that television high school does not mimic real life, I never stopped loving the show.

Fast forward 12 or so years. This university graduate is finally deemed old enough to watch the antics by the rich kids on Beverly Hills 90210. I was hooked from episode one, but little did I know that my two favorite high school shows would soon collide. My beloved Kelly Kapowski is now starring on 90210 as the queen bitch, Valerie Malone.

Tiffani Thiessen may have dropped the Amber, but she lost this fan. Perhaps it was because of her sudden stellar acting, but I now see TT in a whole different light. Gone are the days of teen idolization and here are the days of loathing. When I catch a repeat of Saved by the Bell, I immediately declare Lisa Turtle as my new favorite character.

It may seem petty, but I am pretty nimble when it comes to switching allegiances with televised "friends." Am I alone?

Little Devil

Gossip Girl's Queen Bee in-training Taylor Momsen has ditched the angelic look for a more rocker devil. Thrust into the limelight at age seven as The Grinch's Cindy Lou Who, the teen now leads a "very adult life." Calling fellow teenagers "petty," Momsen prefers to spend her time rocking out with The Reckless and painting on her eyeliner. Are her 15 minutes almost up?

Photo Credits: Vince Bucci/Newsmakers and Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Super Sweet Sixteen

Justin Bieber received an extra special present for his super sweet 16 - Usher bought him a car! And not just any car, but a brand new Range Rover.

The singer reached the milestone age on March 1 and marked the day with a lavish bash in his home away from home, Los Angeles. The party included numerous action-packed games and was attended by all of Bieber's friends.

The party only got better when his mentor Usher presented the pint-size crooner with his gift - a jet black Range Rover.

"I was in LA (for my birthday)," said Bieber. "I went to LA first and I had a party out there for all my friends and stuff and then we went to Toronto and had a family party up there. (Usher) helped me buy a car. He bought me a Range Rover. I can drive."

I hope Bieber is leaving the car in LA - he is not legally able to drive in Canada yet! The Ontario native can only obtain his G2 (allowing him to drive on his own) eight months after receiving his G1 and passing his in-car and in-class lessons. I hope Bieber's driving teacher will teach him how to swerve past screaming fans!

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images


When Catherine (Julianne Moore), a successful doctor, begins to question her husband David's (Liam Neeson) fidelity, she sets out to resolve her suspicion with the help of an alluring young woman, Chloe (Amanda Seyfried). Soon caught in a web of sexual desire, Catherine finds herself on a journey that places her family in great danger. 

Atom Egoyan's CHLOE spins a masterful tale around lying and lust. With an all-star cast and Toronto hotspots taking centre stage, the film is poised to seduce its viewers. Liam Neeson's performance in Chloe has received a great deal of interest. The actor was in the midst of filming the movie in Toronto when his wife Natasha Richardson died in nearby Mont Tremblant, Quebec. If his performance is as fulfilling as it was in Taken, the movie's buzz will be well-deserved.

Friends with Benefits

The spitting image of her mother, Apple Martin, 3, hit the shops in Manhasset, NY. The daughter of a rocker was wearing a stylish Rick Owens jacket, a Blair Waldorf-esque hairband and a Burberry satchel. The piece de resistance? Stella McCartney booties that are hot enough to make any girl jealous. What I would give for a mom with designer-bestie benefits...

In other Apple-related news, her brother Moses will hear his name sung loud and proud in the upcoming weeks. With the Jewish holiday of Passover quickly approaching, get ready to clear out the chametz and bring on the matzah. Hey, even Gwyneth is a Jew!

Baby Talk

Lindsay Lohan must think she is on a first-name basis with the world. The 23-year-old troubled actress has filed a $100 million lawsuit against ETrade, claiming that "Lindsay" - the "milkaholic" baby in the company's commercial - is based on her.
"It's slander in regards to my name," Lohan complained. 
 Lindsay's argument consists of papers reportedly showing the ad's producers changed the baby character's name from Deborah to Lindsay during development.

Not one to miss an opportunity for media attention, mommy dearest added in, "They crossed the line. They made a joke of my child!" Sorry to burst your bubble Dina, but Lindsay has made a joke of herself.

Sex and the (Vegas) City

Three of New York's most fashionable made a splash at an event in Sin City on Thursday. Cynthia Nixon, 43, Sarah Jessica Parker, 44, and Kristen Davis, 45, revealed some highlights from their new venture, Sex and the City 2.

SJP's Carrie Bradshaw has been married to Mr. Big (aka John) for a couple of years. They live in a nice and modest apartment and she is about to publish her fourth book. Carrie sees her friends as much as time allows. How vague!

Davis' Charlotte York-Goldenblatt is still married to Harry and now has two daughters. Oh, and she has taken up baking. How scandalous!

Nixon did not have her character Miranda Hobbes mimic her real life, as she is still married to a Steve and has not left him for a woman. The couple still live in Brooklyn with their son Brady and their nanny Magda. Miranda is still a lawyer and still enjoys "brunch with the ladies."

Kim Catrall's queen of the bed Samantha Jones is firmly entrenched in her PR business in New York. She is successful and happily single.

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