Mar 24, 2010

Ann Coulter Rattles Canadian Rights

Right-wing firebrand Ann Coulter has been spewing hatred at university campuses across Canada. The controversial political figure is known for her biased views, but her recent outburst at the University of Western Ontario has angered the nation. 

Coulter was brought in to speak to UWO students on Monday at the university's North Campus building. With her blonde hair and heavily-mascaraed lashes, she really let the students have it. Coulter's main opponent was a political science student who is Muslim. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, she had joked that Muslims denied air travel should take "flying carpets." When the student challenged that remark, Coulter told her to take a "camel." Even worse? Coulter insulted Canada's public school system when she added, "I thought it was just American public schools that produced ignorant people."

The controversy deepened when Coulter received a pre-emptive and private caution about the limits of free speech in Canada from the provost of the University of Ottawa, where she was set to appear on Tuesday. The irony? The reported $10,000 talk was titled "Political Correctness, Media Bias and Freedom of Speech." The speech was cancelled after protesters prompted concern for her safety. Event organizer and conservative activist Ezra Levant said it was an embarrassing day for Canada.

Coulter is currently preparing a human rights complaint. She is arguing that she is the victim of a hate crime under Canadian law.

I have two questions to propose.

  1. Why are the universities surprised by Coulter's speech? After all, this is the woman who once claimed that "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim."
  2. Why are Coulter and her aide Levant now filing a human rights complaint? After all, she is the one that promoted hatred against an identifiable group during her UWO speech. 

Why does all the drama happen after I graduate from UWO?

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