Mar 31, 2010

Another Nail in Jesse's Coffin

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Jesse James' neo-nazi fixation is the final straw in the court of public opinion. The reality star, who recently checked into a treatment facility, has completely ruined his image. After cheating on America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock with at least four women, including Ms. White Power herself, Bombshell McGee, this latest image takes the cake.

Jesse posed as Adolf Hitler, wearing a German soldier's cap, miming the evil dictator's mustache and giving a "Heil Hitler" salute. This fascination with a man who unleashed so much hatred, pain and suffering onto the world should not be viewed as an idol. Jesse's fascination with Hitler only furthers the story of his double life.

US Weekly, who released the image, claims that Sandra is ready to file for divorce and will do whatever it takes to keep Jesse's daughter Sunny in her life. The judge better grant Sandra custody. Jesse and his ex-wife are clearly not fit to raise the little girl.

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