Mar 29, 2010

Blossom's Big Bang

Famous for her large hats and flowery dresses, Blossom will be branching out into modern comedy. Mayim Bialik has been virtually mia since her hit 80s show went off the air. Producers of the Big Bang Theory must have recognized her comedic potential, as they have tapped her to guest star as Sheldon's love interest.

Bialik will guest star in the May 24 season finale. The plot line is said to revolve around Bialik and her nerdy counterpart Sheldon meeting on eHarmony.

Bialik is the latest 80s and 90s star to make her television comeback. The others? Shannon Doherty is on Dancing with the Stars, Candice Cameron Bure (Full House's DJ Tanner) is Make It or Break It and Heather Locklear has returned to Melrose Place.  These ladies are most likely being brought in to boost up ratings and open up the shows to a different demographic. Are you excited to see these ladies back on the silver screen?

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