Mar 29, 2010

Dancing Drama

Wherever Kate Gosselin goes, drama follows.

The newest plight for America's most famous mother centers on the tension between Kate and her Dancing with the Stars partner, Tony Dovolani. In a rehearsal clip shown during Monday night's show, Kate whined that she's "stressed" while Tony complained, "Nothing in dancing is natural to Kate."

Kate walked away from rehearsal exclaiming, "I'm done, I'm done today." Tony's response? "I quit!"

The drama queen chalked the incident up to having "a lot of people quit on me in my life." Gee, I wonder who she was referring to... ahem Jon.

While Tony admitted that he had "overreacted," it did not help salvage the dance or their chemistry. Kate shook her head as she missed steps, mouthed the counts and rolled her eyes. Judge Bruno Toniolli called their routine a "nightmare... you go through the motions like a Stepford Wife. You need to get acting lessons!" Kate's response? Another eye roll.

If she keeps this attitude up, Kate stands no chance of garnering America's votes.

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