Mar 28, 2010

Glorida Allred: Mistresses Choice

Gloria Allred is best known for her association with the "other women." The high-profile, high-priced Los Angeles lawyer is first on every mistresses call list. In the past two years alone, Allred has made headlines for going up against OctoMom, defending Tiger Woods' number one whore Rachel Uchitel and now for defending Jesse James' fourth mistress.

What is it about Allred that makes her so infamous? The money. Scorned women flock to Allred because she has a track record of making money for anyone involved in a scandal.

"Gloria gets these ladies great deals, whether it's paid media publicity, photo spreads or interviews or lucrative contracts to keep their mouths shut," said trial attorney and divorce lawyer Stacy Schneider. "The men get nervous when Gloria is hired because they know she is media savvy and will drag them through the mud if it means a pay day for her clients."

An effective lawyer, communicator and publicist all rolled into one? Guess Allred really is worth the big money.

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