Mar 30, 2010

LOST: The End is Near

"Jacob may not be evil, but he's kind of a dick. The kind of dick who sums up the entire show with a metaphor about a bottle of wine: the wine is Hell, he says, and the island is the cork, 'the only thing keeping the darkness where it belong.'" Mike Ryan, Vanity Fair

Last week's episode of LOST, Ab Aeterno, finally gave in to fan requests. Answers were provided about the island's purpose and about its mysterious never-aging inhabitant Richard Alpert.

I don't want to give away any more spoilers, but I'll leave you with this: seven episodes remain. The Package, Happily Ever After, Everybody Loves Hugo, The Last Recruit, The Candidate, Across the Sea, What did they Die For and The End are the only obstacles standing in the way of you and your answers. The end is near. Are you ready to learn the fate of the LOST?

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