Mar 6, 2010

LOST's Other Bitch is Back

Just like all her fellow axed castmates, Michelle Rodriguez is the latest ex-Oceanic 815er to book a return trip to LOST.

Sources confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Rodriguez will reprise her role as Ana-Lucia in at least one of the show's final episodes. Her character was killed off in season 2 after Michael shot her in a bid to escape the island and find Walt. Ana-Lucia returned in season five when she appeared in one of Hurley's visions.

Rodriguez's latest guest stint has "flash-sideways cameo" written all over it. Any guesses for who she will run into? I'll play it safe and say Jack.

Other previous Losties set to guest-star this season are Maggie Grace (Shannon), Harold Perrineu (Michael), Cynthia Watros (Libby) and Rebecca Mader (Charlotte).

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