Mar 14, 2010

Mayor Miller and Corey Haim

The death of child actor and Toronto native Corey Haim has prompted an outpouring of support from Hollywood and fans. The most surprising donation comes from none other than Toronto's controversial mayor, David Miller. Following Mrs. Haim's public plea for donations to fund her son's funeral in Toronto, Mayor Miller is pledging to assist with the hefty cost. To clarify, Miller will not be paying out of his own pocket, but rather out of the city's wallet. Shouldn't we fix the TTC before putting Corey Haim in our ground? If we're paying, the funeral better not be closed to the public...

Update: The City of Toronto says they are not paying for Corey Haim's funeral, but Jewish funeral home Steeles Memorial will be providing financial assistance.

Photo Credit: Carvalho/Startraks

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