Mar 21, 2010

Sex and the (Vegas) City

Three of New York's most fashionable made a splash at an event in Sin City on Thursday. Cynthia Nixon, 43, Sarah Jessica Parker, 44, and Kristen Davis, 45, revealed some highlights from their new venture, Sex and the City 2.

SJP's Carrie Bradshaw has been married to Mr. Big (aka John) for a couple of years. They live in a nice and modest apartment and she is about to publish her fourth book. Carrie sees her friends as much as time allows. How vague!

Davis' Charlotte York-Goldenblatt is still married to Harry and now has two daughters. Oh, and she has taken up baking. How scandalous!

Nixon did not have her character Miranda Hobbes mimic her real life, as she is still married to a Steve and has not left him for a woman. The couple still live in Brooklyn with their son Brady and their nanny Magda. Miranda is still a lawyer and still enjoys "brunch with the ladies."

Kim Catrall's queen of the bed Samantha Jones is firmly entrenched in her PR business in New York. She is successful and happily single.

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