Mar 11, 2010

Shark 2.0

Dancing with the Stars veteran Mark Ballas will be heating up the dance floor with another fan favorite this season. On the heels of his performances with Melissa Joan Hart (season nine) and Shawn Johnson (season eight), Ballas is now fox trotting with Ms. Brenda Walsh herself.

Shannen Doherty will have her work cut out for her. Ballas' past partners were known as good girls, and Shannen's reputation is anything but. As the resident Beverly Hills 90210 bad girl, Shannen's competition is not just this season's competitors, but also her former co-stars. Her on-screen nemesis Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor) was a season five competitor and Ian Zeiring (Steve Sanders) was on season four. Both made it into the semi-finals, meaning Shannen has her work cut out for her.

One way to win America's heart? Create a memorable nickname. Mark and Melissa were known as Team Melarky, but it was Mark and Shawn's Team Shark that really had American cheering. Lucky for Shannen, she shares the "Sh" with Shawn and therefore she can recreate the Team Shark magic with Mark. Dancing with the Stars fans like the sweethearts not the bitches. Shannen's image overhaul must begin now and Mark is definitely the pro to help her through it.

Dancing with the Stars season 10 begins on March 22. How far do you think Shannen will go?

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