Mar 22, 2010

Tina Talks Lindsay

Comedy queen Tina Fey reveals how she really feels about Lindsay Lohan.

The former Mean Girl left such an impression on Tina that she hopes her daughter, Alice, does not enter show-business.

"Lindsay was 17 when she did Mean Girls and she was brilliant. But to have success and money at that age has got to be overwhelming. No one tell you, 'No,' and I definitely wouldn't want that for my child. I'd try to make her do theatre first, because you learn a real work ethic there, and we'd certainly try to make her wait until she's done school."

After pointing out all of Dina Lohan's parenting mistakes, Tina goes on to praise Lindsay.

"Lindsay was a lovely girl," she said. Very smart and very funny - and I hold out hope that we'll see some really good work from her again."

I'll cheers to that, Tina!

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