Mar 10, 2010

W Battle

The battle of the exes is at full force as opposing W Magazine covers highlight Brad and Jen's measly attempts to make each other jealous.

Since the demise of the golden couple's marriage, Brad and Jen have waged a war against each other. Their main weapon: pictures.

Brad raised eyebrows with his steamy 2005 photo shoot with Angelina Jolie, prior to announcing their coupledom. This move reinforced her image as a home wrecker and painted Brad in a not so compassionate light. Following the magazine's circulation, Brangie was spotted on the Kenyan beach playing with baby Maddox.

Fast-forward to 2010: America's lonely golden girl is giving her audience mixed signals about her relationship with her The Bounty Hunter co-star Gerard Butler. Covering the April 2010 issue, Jen and Gerard pose for steamy shots that only reinforce tabloid speculation about a secret romance.

Could it be that W Magazine is Brad and Jen's main method of foreshadowing? Perhaps there is some truth to a cover shoot...

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