Mar 21, 2010


When Catherine (Julianne Moore), a successful doctor, begins to question her husband David's (Liam Neeson) fidelity, she sets out to resolve her suspicion with the help of an alluring young woman, Chloe (Amanda Seyfried). Soon caught in a web of sexual desire, Catherine finds herself on a journey that places her family in great danger. 

Atom Egoyan's CHLOE spins a masterful tale around lying and lust. With an all-star cast and Toronto hotspots taking centre stage, the film is poised to seduce its viewers. Liam Neeson's performance in Chloe has received a great deal of interest. The actor was in the midst of filming the movie in Toronto when his wife Natasha Richardson died in nearby Mont Tremblant, Quebec. If his performance is as fulfilling as it was in Taken, the movie's buzz will be well-deserved.

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