Mar 31, 2010

Whitney's Virtual Seder

Stars - they're just like us! Not one to break the timeless tradition of Passover seders, matzah and maror, Whitney Port relied on technology to plug her into her family's seder. The City star recounted her virtual seder on her official website.
Hi Guys!
Last night my family had a Passover Seder in LA and I of course could not be there because I was in NY. My mom had a great idea that we could all video chat, so at the end of their dinnre they passed the computer around and I got to talk to everyone. It felt like I was there! Ashley showed me her new long nails (she has bitten them for years and has finally grown them out), Jadey was laying on the couch not feeling well, my mom was loving the camera, and my grandparents were the cutest ever! They took these pictures while we were video chatting and so I had to post them. I hope everyone who is keeping Passover is having an easy week.
Chag Sameach!
Happy Passover to Whitney and all you A-Listers. I hope your meals are filled with matzah, k for p cheese and flake bars!

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