Apr 7, 2010

Cultivating Obsession: Blizzardmobile

Dairy Queen is celebrating its 25th year of the Blizzard by touring 25 cities across the US and Canada in a custom-built "Blizzardmobile."

The fast-food giant known more for their ice treats than their grilled eats are capitalizing on the very thing that made Oscar Mayer a success. For 75 years, the hot dog chain's marketing initiative centered on  the "Wienermobile," an iconic vehicle still associated with the brand. This lesson was clearly not lost on Dairy Queen, as they are hoping to keep their Blizzards top of mind as the heat wave rolls in.

Don't fret Canada, the head honchos at DQ are making sure the Blizzardmobile has a few stops north of the border.
"We had a pretty warm winter so we decided it was important to bring the Blizzardmobile to Canada as it makes its journey across North America this summer," said Dairy Queen Canada's vice president of marketing, Denise Hutton. "The Blizzard is our signature product and such a huge part of our DQ culture that it was imperative that Canada be part of our 25th birthday celebration tour."
The Blizzardmobile's Canadian stops include London, Ont. on May 17 and Toronto on May 18, then Vancouver on July 26 and 27 and Calgary on August 12 and 13.

To keep the Blizzardmobile media train on high alert, the tour, which starts in NYC on Thursday, can be tracked through social media. An office Facebook page, Twitter account and blog will be keeping fans in the know about the ice-cold truck's warm arrival.

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