Apr 17, 2010

Fashionably Ferocious

Photo Credit: JustJared
This picture is honestly beyond words. Ugly Betty breakout star Mark Indelicato posed with my childhood idol Mary-Kate Olsen at the opening of new vegetarian restaurant Otarian in NYC.

The two fashionistas gave the paparazzi their best pouts in this ferocious picture. Look at the way Mark gazes intently into the flashing shutter of the camera. With his Burberry-clad shoulders and side-swept hair, the Teen Vogue intern knows how to work it.

Designer and sometimes actress Mary-Kate looks a little too vintage here, as her green top is alternating screams of "leprechaun" and "grandma's blouse." Regardless, her pale skin is glowing and she looks happier than we have seen her in ages.

Love it?

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