Apr 23, 2010

Final Fan Musings

Photo Credit: Dio Anthony
After hugely successful posts on why Ugly Betty is a revolutionary show, The A List would not be complete without a final tribute. The ABC prime time dramady was the first of its kind to deal with complex issues like low self-esteem, ethnic differences, teenage homosexuality, mourning, family drama and money troubles. While some of these issues are present in other shows, it was Ugly Betty that added class, comedy and emotional depth to these widespread, little-discussed, real life topics.

The cast was relatively unknown prior to signing on for the series. Breakout stars America Ferrera, Michael Urie, Becki Newton and Mark Indelicato have received widespread praise for their thought-provoking roles. Each character on the show had a complex history, making them personable and helping them to connect with a wide range of viewers.

The final episode brought the show full circle. Title star Betty Suarez (Ferrera) went from ugly to pretty on the outside, but her morals and sunny outlook remained unchanged. Flamboyant assistant Marc St. James (Urie) finally climbed up the Mode magazine ladder and found out that life is about more than playing games and capitalizing on others' pain. Airhead Amanda Tannen Sommers (Newton) finally cleaned up her act, found her long lost father, and saw her hard partying lifestyle settle down. And finally, Betty's nephew Justin (Indelicato) revealed he was gay and found love with theatre friend Austin.

Photo Credit: ABC
If you haven't seen the show, I urge you to rent a few seasons and immerse yourself in the world of Ugly Betty. The show's characters are unique and you will come to view them as your friends. After all, who wouldn't die for a Marc St. James in their life?

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