Apr 19, 2010

Frozen Fox

Photo Credit: Wenn.com
A very frozen Megan Fox accompanied her on-again fiance Brian Austin Green to the Toyota Celebrity Pro Face. While she was there to play the role of supportive girlfriend to her Beverly Hills 90210 hunny, the crowd could not stop buzzing about her new look. To Megan's defense, her new look is not as drastic as FrankenHeidi's, but there is still something off about the beauty.

The foxy actress has been plagued by plastic surgery since her transformation following her role as Sydney on Hope & Faith. The understated beauty suddenly amped up her sex appeal with tattoos and black hair, as well as with rumored botox and collagen injections, breast implants and rhinoplasty.

Her latest look is somewhere in between Heidi 3.0 and Nicole Kidman's frozen forehead. I'm not feeling this new Megan. What do you think?

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