Apr 7, 2010

Hollywood Social Climbing

Photo Credit: DailyFill.com
Sorry hunny, but you are climbing down the ladder instead of up. Kate Major is taking the term fame-whore to a new extreme! The former Star magazine contributor and Jon Gosselin ex is now engaged to Michael Lohan.

"I'm really happy. The ring is gorgeous!" Kate said about the upcoming nuptials.

Not one to miss an opportunity to bring up his claim to fame, Michael spoke out about Lindsay and how she factors into his new life. Michael says he was waiting for the "situation with Lindsay to resolve" before announcing the engagement. He has been encouraging his estranged and troubled daughter to enter rehab, most recently with a live-streamed press conference.

I don't even know what to say about this situation. Majors is obviously getting everything she wanted: fame and notoriety, but at what cost? After being linked to two of the industry's biggest douches, she must realize that her 15-minutes of fame (if that) are already over. I don't see any weeklies paying for your wedding pics unless Lindsay serves as maid of honor. Good luck with that!

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