Apr 16, 2010

Hollywood Takeover

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
The Jolie-Pitt brood never cease to amaze me. Out and about in Venice with Poppa Pitt's parents, the four oldest were all sporting very unique styles. Sorry Bill and Jane, but you grandkids totally stole the show.

Maddox is maintaining the bad boy look Angelina started him on as a tot. His faux-hawk is still firmly in place and his army gear signifies his true bad boy attitude. Pax took a more classic approach in a plaid shirt and dark denim. The kid has got mad style. Zahara is rocking the girly-girl look, complete with ballerina flats and a Chanel purse. No seriously, Z is the ideal child star with all that attitude. Leave it to Shiloh to dress as a complete contrast from her sister and bff. Shi is totally owning her blazer, nautical stripes and starch white pants.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the Jolie-Pitt kids will take over Hollywood. Mark my words. You heard it here first.

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