Apr 20, 2010

It's Exhausting

While I have always been more of a Kate than a Jon, the past few weeks of Dancing with the Stars has convinced me to change teams. Watching Kate's inability to follow direction, show compassion or listen to her partner has proven that she is the worse Gosselin. Sure, Jon may be immature, but at least he didn't berate Kate the way she did to him and now does to Tony.

This week's Dancing with the Stars had Kate and Tony attempt a foxtrot to the Breakfast Club song "Don't You (Forget About Me)." Like usual, the dance was a complete disaster, earning a 15 out of 30 from the judges. Obviously worried about her staying power, Kate sent an email to her "friends" begging for help.
Hi all - Inside info for this week... I've had an extra tough week with media spins and coverage that I will not elaborate on. I have been emotionally drained and 'absent' for much of the practice... But I am pressing on to complete my tango for tonight... Should be interesting and I need extra prayer... And extra votes please!!!!! Keep the frame, Kate! That's what I keep thinking. Arms forward, knees bent, quick, quick, slow!
I am much less confident this week and am actually begging you this week to vote to the max for Tony and I via TEXTING, EMAIL and PHONE.
I am also asking that you COPY AND PASTE (please don't forward my email address) this email and send to at least TEN people in your address book (and I apologize if this feels like a 'chain' email... I just need your help more than ever!)
We thank you immensely in advance for taking the time and effort to support us... It is solely YOUR VOTES KEEPING US DANCING!!!!! 
Still Dancing... Kate
Will Kate make it through tonight's elimination round?

UPDATE: Kate Gosselin was kicked off tonight. I guess George Lopez will have to shut down his KEEP KATE website.

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  1. gr. i hate her. she's so obnoxious. thank GD she was kicked off!!!!!!!!!!


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