Apr 11, 2010

Jim Carrey Tweets about Tiger and Elin

After using his Twitter account to announce his break-up, newly single Jim Carrey is now using the same platform to defend Tiger Woods and scrutinize Elin.

"I made a Tiger joke today...but I think it's time we checked our collective EGO and let the guy play!" Carrey tweeted on Thursday when Woods was playing his first round at the Masters. "If you really wanna see sexual disfunction get 2 know your favorite basketball star! Curling is the only safe sport 4 a married man," Carrey joked.

Carrey continued his support with Friday's tweet, "Tiger Woods owes nothing 2 anyone but himself. 2 please his father he gave up his childhood and his freedom in the world. That's enough!"

While his support of the serial cheater is iffy itself, it's his choice words for Elin that have the internet buzzing.

"No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity," Carrey tweeted. "Elin had 2 b a willing participant on the ride 4 whatever reason. kids/lifestyle ;^)"

Is Carrey hinting that his and Jenny's break-up had something to do with cheating? After all, his next tweet was, "I want 2 make it CLEAR that I do not condone infidelity at all, but 2 some degree the responsibility 4 it is shared by both people! ;^)"

Photo Credit: (Jim) http://palzoo.net/Jim-Carrey (Tiger and Elin) http://udothedishes.com

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