Apr 5, 2010

Le Tigre on Tiger

Photo Credit: Courtesy Photo
Le Tigre is joking around at Tiger's expense.

The brand favored by golfers for their stylish tees is using the Tiger Woods scandal to capitalize on their marketing initiatives. Just like Tiger's big return at the Masters, Le Tigre's new billboard is piquing interest.

Golf's Original Tiger. For Those Who Play a Round.

The billboard will be posted on New York's West Side Highway and 57th Street. Sure to attract a great deal of attention, the company is making their charitable efforts known. One hundred percent of the net profits from online sales of all polo shirts sold will go to helping young people "get on course."

Witty, right? I'm a sucker for play on words and the world's most famous Tiger will be trapped in this cage for a while.


  1. I find the billboard tasteless. And attempting to justify the choice by claiming to be helping out youth is even more despicable.

    Le Tigre should consider donating the money to help young people "stay on course" without first leading them "off-course" with disrespectful, immoral banter.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Tamarra.

    I agree that the billboard is tasteless, but they are using it to garner publicity for their brand. In business, many companies are choosing to take the popular route rather than the moral one and are justifying their actions with charitable donations.

    While Le Tigre easily could have donated the money to help young people stay on course, they first wanted consumers talking about their brand.

    Hopefully I will be able to guide companies on how stay within the boundaries when I begin working.

    Happy reading!

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