Apr 28, 2010

No Brush, No Man

Jessica Simpson obviously learnt many skills growing up, but brushing her teeth was not one of them. The 29-year-old singer/actress/designer admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she only brushes her teeth "maybe three times a week."
"Because my teeth are so white and I don't like them to feel too slippery but I do use Listerine and I do floss everyday," Jessica explained. "But I don't brush them every day. My lips just slide all over the place...I can't catch up with my mouth. I need a little coating..."
I think we can all now understand why Jessica has been so unlucky in love. Forget the reports depicting her as needy and insecure, the real reason must be unbrushed chompers. While she claims to "always have fresh breath," it just doesn't add up. What about the plaque and the build-up?

Jessica told Ellen that she is actively looking for her next guy by mingling privately, but I think she should step up her game and invest in a quality toothbrush. What do you think of Jessica's bold statement?

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