Apr 19, 2010

Not Even An Olsen Can Save Beastly

Touted as a modern day Beauty and the Best, the new movie Beauty is not all it' cracked up to be. The movie stars High School Musical's Vanessa Hudgens and newcomer Alex Pettyfer in roles that were much better suited to the cartoon Disney characters. Likely due to the fact that Vanessa can't act, the duo have no on-screen chemistry. Let's face it - her last leading man turned out to be her boyfriend. Obviously you can't switch those feelings on for a new co-star.

The movie attempts to attract young professionals like myself by using Mary-Kate Olsen as a pawn. While many of us have eagerly been awaiting Michelle Tanner's return to Hollywood, this role is far too cheesy and MK comes across as glazed and very vanilla.

What do you think?

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