Apr 7, 2010

Why the Ugly Deserves an Applause

With the series finale of Ugly Betty only weeks away, the show is pulling out all the stops to ensure they will long be remembered. While taking away Betty's iconic braces was an awe-inducing moment for fans, it is Justin's journey that is making headlines.

Brilliantly portrayed by 15-year-old actor Mark Indelicato, Justin Suarez is the flamboyant, yet firmly in the closet, nephew of Betty. Everything changed this season, though, as Justin developed his first male-crush and experienced his subsequent first kiss with new boyfriend Austin. Critics have been applauding the shows producers for represented the struggles of young gay teens in America.

While the show already has a gay character, Marc St. James (Michael Urie), it is Justin's sexuality that has people talking. Ugly Betty is the first prime-time show to focus on the plight of a gay teenager, including actualizing his feelings and coming out to his parents. Kudos to the producers for bringing this issue into fruition and a big congratulations are in order for Mark. If I was a member of the Screen Actors Guild or academy, I would definitely be nominating you for an award.


  1. Agree, agree a thousand times agree!

  2. I really hope the show gets the notice it deserves for this season. I really think its better than any Glee or Modern Family crap out there


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