Apr 22, 2010

The Prince

According to People, my dreams of being a royal are crushed. According to new reports, the role of Mrs. William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor has been claimed by one Kate Middleton. I know my chance of meeting the prince, let alone marrying him, were always slim to none, but a girl can dream, right?

According to the article The Next Princess, Wills and Kate are practically family. Onlookers say that during a recent lunch at a ski resort in the French Alps, Wills was very chummy with Kate's parents.

"William was clearly very close to Kate's father, and every time he spoke to him, William replied, 'Yes, Dad.'"

Oddsmakers are wagering 1 to 2 that the prince will pop the question soon. A source close to William confirms that the engagement is "a given. It's just a question of when."

Guess this princess will be a commoner forever.

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