Apr 7, 2010

Revenge of the Former Housewife

Nicolette Sheridan is pulling a stunt worthy of her former on-screen alter ego Edie Brit.

The actress alleges that her ex-boss, Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, hit her in the face on set and that she was fired in retaliation for complaining about him. In her $20 million lawsuit, Sheridan also claims that Cherry's actions resulted in her losing millions in future earnings. The lawsuit alleges assault and battery, gender violence and wrongful termination. What a mouthful!

Sheridan's character was killed off the show last year, yet she has only chosen to sue her "extremely abusive" former boss now. No word on why she decided to wait so long, but given that former co-star Eva Longoria Parker claims that Cherry "probably could not harm a fly," I doubt Sheridan's suit holds much merit.

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